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Google Celebrates Perseverance Landing on Mars

by tenderpuls

Celebrating the Perseverance spacecraft landing on Mars, Google started to explode fireworks in the search results. To see the fireworks in question, just search for Perseverance on Google.

The world’s most popular web search engine Googlehas made a small celebration for the Perseverance spacecraft, which landed on Mars as of yesterday. Currently on Google “PerseveranceWhen you search for ”, you encounter fireworks on the search results page.

Perseverance, which is about the size of a car and weighs 1 ton (on Earth), Anthem We would not be exaggerating if we say that he will start a new era in his research. Perseverance, which caused the whole world to turn its eyes to the Red Planet, albeit for a short time, became very curious by internet users.celebration”Seems to have organized.

Perseverance’s journey from Earth to Mars is approx. 7 months But we do not know how long the fireworks that Google “exploded” to celebrate Perseverance’s arrival on Mars will remain in the search results. By the way, we can go into all the details of Perseverance’s landing on Mars. from here you can reach.

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