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Funny posts about Perseverance’s landing on Mars

by tenderpuls

The repercussions of the Perseverance spacecraft landing on Mars do not end. Twitter users started a humor feast with the first photo of the spacecraft from Mars.

Perseverance exploration vehicle, which will be NASA’s new eye and ear on Mars, He made his landing on the Red Planet. Will be an important milestone in Mars research Perseverancewill chase clues to life believed to have existed in the past on our neighboring planet.

Perseverance’s landing on Mars is only NASAIt became the number one agenda item of social media, not just. Almost everyone who is not interested in space studies shared a post about Perseverance. Perseverance filmed on Mars first photo With the post, the posts by the humorists of social media came one after another.

Perseverance’s first photo taken from the surface of Mars

Funny posts by social media users about Perseverance’s landing on Mars

mars tweet

Perseverance tweet

Perseverance sharing

webtekno tweet

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