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Clubhouse’s Download Number Announced

by tenderpuls

The number of downloads of Clubhouse, the most talked about social network of recent weeks, has been announced. According to statements made by an analytics company called App Annie, the app has been downloaded 8.1 million times as of February 16. It did not go unnoticed that this number was around 2 million in the first week of February.

In the past few weeks, a new social networking craze has started around the world. Currently available only on iOS platform and can only be included with invitation codes “ClubhouseThis madness named “is reaching more and more users every day. From Elon Musk, familiar to everyone in the world, to government officials. common names The platform, including which it is included, seems to be one of the most popular applications of the coming periods.

The company named App Annie, which serves as a mobile data and analysis platform, number of downloads explained. According to the statements made, the number of downloads of this application as of February 16 Reached 8.1 million. What is even more impressive about this statistic is that the number of downloads of the application was only increased in the first days of February. 2 million It was on a click.

Here is the number of Clubhouse downloads on a weekly basis

According to the statements made by App Annie, the main reason why the platform is growing so fast is, Elon Musk and Mark zuckerberg names such as being in the Clubhouse. The company also says they estimate that more than 2.6 million downloads come from the US. So users almost 25 percentis joining the application from the USA.


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Clubhouse management had not made an official statement regarding the number of downloads before. But the platform’s number one name Paul davisonIn a statement made last month, it announced that the number of active users per week is around 2 million. In the statements made by some anonymous sources, the total number of users of the application Between 6 and 10 million He states that. The fact that the application is only invited to the application suggests that the number of downloads and the number of users will be parallel, and therefore the total number of users of this application may be around 8 million.

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