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A Major Update Arrives in Portal 2

by tenderpuls

A new big update has arrived for Portal 2, one of Valve’s popular games. The update, which includes many bug fixes in the game, also brings performance improvements.

The critically acclaimed first-person shooter game from Valve released as a sequel to Portal in 2011 Portal 2is still an enjoyable option for many gamers. The game, which was very successful when evaluated for its release period, is to meet our rising performance criteria with the developing technology. a big update took.

As you know, the progress of the game industry and technology hand in hand is happening very quickly. With each new development, we find more and more flaws in ‘old’ games, and this the popularity of the games It affects as it is. However, the developers are also working hard to keep their games today with the updates they make. Valve is among these developers and seems to have done a similar work for Portal 2.

Better performance with Vulkan support in the new update:

Biggest improvement in Portal 2 with Valve’s latest update Vulkan support Thanks to the increase in performance in the game. With the incoming Vulkan support, the game is very better performance will exhibit.


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Apart from Vulkan support, the update also includes many bug fixes. Especially Linux users The update, which fixes some of the major crash problems it has experienced, also includes many small details such as upgrading the avatar resolution. If you want to check the update details published for all platforms where the game is playable, you can visit Valve’s blog by clicking here.

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