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Zynga Announces Nintendo Switch Game Star Wars: Hunters

by tenderpuls

Zynga, the largest mobile game company in the USA, rolled up its sleeves for the first console game in its history. The company, which uses its preference for Nintendo Switch, will ensure that the game named “Star Wars: Hunters”, which will be released in 2021, will be played in iOS and Android ecosystems.

Last year, one of the most powerful mobile game developer, bought a while ago that the Turkey-based Peak Games ZyngaPerformed as part of Nintendo Direct events. In its statements, the company mentioned a new production that Android and iOS users can play as well as the Nintendo Switch console, “Star Wars: HuntersOfficially announced the game named “.

Star Wars: Hunters is a game that is critical for Zynga and will determine the future of the company. Because this game will be released by Zynga first console game it will be. If this game keeps and the company gets interested in consoles, after a few years PlayStation 5 or for consoles such as Xbox Series X, we can see Zynga signed games. However, now back to the facts; What does Zynga’s new game promise?

Competitive war game set in the Star Wars universe

Developed by Zynga, which has the title of being the largest mobile game company in the USA, Star Wars: Hunters high competitive environment promises. The game, where many Star Wars characters will be found, with locations created inspired by areas unique to the Star Wars universe, where team-based battles will take place It will appear as a production.


Project Triangle Strategy, Featured with Quality Graphics of Nintendo Switch, Announced

Unfortunately, we cannot give detailed information about the game. At the Nintendo Direct event The company, which makes implicit statements and does not give details about the game itself, shows the next months as the release date. Zynga, which is currently releasing an announcement trailer, will be released with new trailers in the future. in-game details looks like it will present.

Here is the announcement trailer for Star Wars: Hunters

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