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Twitter’s Latest Android Version Does Not Open Notification Page

by tenderpuls

The updated Android version of Twitter started to cause crashing problems. Especially users who try to enter the Notification menu report that the application crashes. While some users say they do not receive notifications, some users report slowdowns when they arrive.

Serving as one of the most popular social networks in the world twitterHas released a new version update for Android users. With this update, the latest version of the Twitter application “8.81.0-release.00However, the application stopped working properly after this update. users with high number of interactionsThey want this problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

In the descriptions of the update offered via the Google Play Store, Twitter said that this version brought some improvements and known bugs. fixed it had stated. However, with the update in question, users, “Notification“They have become unable to enter the menu. Users who try to enter the menu sent to the users’ interactions and their profile, application crash issue are confronted with.

It is currently unknown when the error will be fixed

Account owners who cannot use the Notification page of the Twitter application, first of all originate from their own devices they thought. However, in our checks, we see that the error is common in many devices. On the other hand, this problem does not seem to affect all operating systems. However, a detailed research needs to be done on this subject. By the way, some users that notifications are not receivedThey say they suffer from problems such as stiffness or not opening at all when it arrives.


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When we look at the official account of the company and its official support account, any no explanation does not go unnoticed. This means that the error in question could be regional or Twitter was not aware of the error. While it is not known when and how the solution will come, users can remove the application from their phones in this process. reload They need to try options like.

Here is what some Twitter users have to say on the subject

Twitter notification issue

I cannot enter the notification section of my account 🙁 as soon as I press it, it exits directly from the application, why is that so?

Twitter for Android

When you enter the notification section, the application beats.


Either friends kick me off the page when they open the notification section 🙁

Twitter Notification

Why is there not a notification of: I


The phone logs out of Twitter when I press the notification button. Does anyone know why?

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