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Social Media Phenomenon Porçay Sought 4 Years 2 Months in Prison

by tenderpuls

Porçay, who has a huge fan base on Instagram and especially YouTube, is facing 4 years and 2 months in prison for a parody video he shot in 2018 about Ezhel. Faced with accusations on the grounds of encouraging drugs and drugs, Porçay stated that he did not use drugs even once in his life and announced that he would take the case to the court of appeal.

Known for his parody music and videos he shot on YouTube Porçay Social media phenomenon Erkan Porçay, nicknamed because of a video he took 4 years and 2 months imprisonment face to face.

Porçay about the famous rapper Ezhel about 2.5 years ago ‘I Drink Weed ‘ The words and movements of the famous singer were recorded in this video. in a funny way he had imitated. The video was taken under review by the court and Porçay’s For drug and drug promotion crime imprisonment was requested.

According to the statements, Porçay has never used drugs before

The famous social media phenomenon, who made a statement about the decision, strongly disagrees with this accusation and that they will take the decision to the appellate court expressed. Stating that the video was shot only for joke, Porçay said, let alone encouraging people to drugs, You haven’t used drugs once before stated.

Porçay’s lawyer, Ali Gül, stated that they have been trying to prove everything to the court to be a joke and a parody since 2018, Even that was unacceptable conditions in Turkey expressed.


More Bad Things around YouTube Viral Videos With the World and in Turkey 11

The following statements were included in the statement made by Lawyer Gül; “It’s been 2.5 years, we’re trying to explain that the joke is a joke. Can a person get a prison sentence for promoting drug use for making fun of drug use in songs?” Disgrace, being a defendant or a lawyer. It’s the first time I’ve felt so helpless. People get upset, a very young person. He was criticizing those who encouraged. He has never used drugs in his life. Scary, annoying. “

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