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RPG Strategy Game for Nintendo Switch by Square Enix

by tenderpuls

Square Enix announced Project Triangle Strategy, a game that can be played by Nintendo Switch owners. The game, which combines RPG and strategy genre, stands out with its quality graphics. The demo version of the game, which will be released in 2022, can be experienced as of now.

Square Enix, one of the popular names in the video game industry, announced its new game that it is developing for Nintendo Switch. “Project Triangle Strategy“This game, which is named as” 2D, seems to attract attention with its graphic quality. Even according to experienced analysts, Project Triangle Strategy, Nintendo It will go down in history as the game with the highest quality graphics ever seen on Switch.

According to Square Enix’s statements, the company’s new game, In 2022 will be released. However, Switch owners who do not want to wait for this game can download a mini demo version via eShop and get an overview of what the game has to offer. The general theme of the game is strategy and Of the RPG combination.

Square Enix is ​​hopeful about his game

In the explanations about Project Triangle Strategy, Square Enix full of options and consequences says it is. Many Nintendo Switch owners you would be amazed The company states that the game is at a level that can appeal to almost every gamer. However, the accuracy of these claims will be determined after the game is published and interpreted by the players.


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Your goal in the game, which will be released next year for Nintendo Switch, is to lead your soldiers. Your general goal in the game, where you will determine the steps that your warriors will take, is to try to destroy the enemy elements. At this point, it is completely up to you what strategies to apply, what a good game. commander seems to help you understand that you can be.

Here is the promotional video created for Project Triangle Strategy.

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