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It enters the E-Commerce Site Users in Turkey?

by tenderpuls

Gemius Country Manager for Turkey Idil Kesten, e-commerce user profile and announced that industry-leading companies in Turkey. According to the report, 95 of every 100 internet users enter the e-commerce site in the last quarter of 2020.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected many industries The e-commerce sector has greatly increased its profit share in this process. During the pandemic period where Jeff Bezos made incredible money with Amazon, many people in our country preferred to order online instead of going out and buying something new.

Digital measurement and research company speaking at the Webrazzi e-Commerce Summit held in digital environment on February 18 Gemius Country Manager in Turkey Idil KestenE-commerce user profile for the leading companies in Turkey and explained by the number of users of e-commerce category in 2020. In the last quarter of 2020, 95 out of every 100 internet users visit at least one e-commerce site Kesten said, in a statement in terms of the number of users of digital e-commerce industry in Turkey said it reached a certain saturation.

How many people are using e-commerce sites in Turkey?

According to data collected by the Gemius there were 59 million Internet users in the last quarter of 2020 in Turkey. Among these users The number of people entering e-commerce sites has reached 55.8 million. According to data Gemius Turkey Turks spend an average of 9.5 hours a month on e-commerce sites. This period increased to 15 hours, especially in November 2020, when there were intense discount campaigns such as Great Friday.

Most visited e-commerce site Trendyol


Gemius Turkey in the last quarter of 2020, according to data released by the Champion of e-commerce category in Turkey Trendyol happened. Last year, the world’s largest e-commerce sites stepped into Turkey market Amazon However, it could not find a place in the top 5 in terms of the number of users in this process.


How to Set Up an E-commerce Site in 3 Steps?

E-commerce is using Gemius explaining users’ media preferences of Turkey, the most prominent category of sports, games and music she is also said that 77 percent of visitors use their Netflix also use e-commerce sites.

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