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First trailer for Cruella starring Emma Stone arrives

by tenderpuls

The iconic Disney villain Cruella De Vil, who tries to sew herself a coat of Dalmatian fur and has not come to her for this cause, is returning to the silver screen with the movie Cruella. Emma Stone is starring. The first trailer of the movie has been released.

Walt Disney He’s been making money on cuteness ever since he opened his studio that bears his name. For many years, she successfully brought stories told with cute princesses and cute animals to the screens. One of these stories is 101 Dalmatians was.

In 2014, the company carried out a very different production according to its own standards. Sleeping Beauty the worst of the fairy tale Maleficent This time we saw his story through the eyes of the main villain. It seems that the great success of that movie at the box office will make it possible for new villains to get their own movie.

Go crazy as fur fur

A person who can not get enough of losing himself because of his love for fur, who puts an eye on the fur of puppies and, in general, is a socially distant person with gloves. Cruella De VilWe see it in his youth in this production.

Everybody’s “God Save the Queen!” 1970s Punk, which made Queen Elizabeth stand intact even in 2021. LondonIn this production we return to, we find the opportunity to see step by step how Cruella got this name and transformed into the villain she is.


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Oscar-winning actress in the lead role Emma stonetaking place Cruella Synopsis of the movie, by Disney “In 1970s London, young fashion designer Estella de Vil becomes obsessed with dog skins, especially those of Dalmatians, until she became the brutal and terrifying legend known as Cruella.“It was explained as.

The animal does not understand the difference of the fake fur, is it not a pity for the animal?



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Purpose in life skinning dogs Although it is difficult to predict how it will be possible for us to love a character who makes a bag jacket or something, the behind-the-scenes team gives hope for the quality of the production. In the director’s chair I, Tonya we know with Craig Gillespie takes place.

Let’s see us in the new Disney movie Joker Will we be able to present a character that we can understand even if we do not like it as in the movie, or will we see a very controversial and box office production? Cruella will hit theaters on May 28 if there is no change.

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