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Zack Snyder Wants to Make a King Arthur Movie

by tenderpuls

Zack Snyder, one of the important directors of Hollywood, announced that he wanted to shoot the movie of King Arthur, one of the legendary king of England. Snyder’s goal is to tell a faithful King Arthur story.

Especially In the DC extended universe famous director known for his films Zack Snyder Although it is up to the people to like or dislike it, he is to convey great stories to the big screen and a mythological atmosphere His skill in creating is unquestionable.

Snyder is now an important historical and mythological figure. King arthurannounced that he wanted to shoot the movie of. Although the legend of the famous king has changed a little more in each period, Snyder stated that his goal was to make a true-to-life movie.

When you say faithful to the original?

To tell a faithful story about King Arthur is the most difficult It can be shown as one of the characters. Because this character, considered among the greatest kings of England whether he really lived Unknown.

In the sense we know Britain Believed to have lived before his establishment, Arthur’s origins have been a matter of debate, and new parts have been added to the story in almost every new era. So that King arthur The final version of his stories has turned into a fantasy fiction novel rather than a historical narrative.


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King Arthur story after a point Camelot rather than a period narrative in history books, which includes characters such as the kingdom, round table knights, the sorcerer Merlin, Sir Holy Bowl in search of Dungeons and Dragons party He became a narrator.

One step beyond the idea



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In a program he attended mythological narratives Snyder, who was asked about his opinion, “I’m working on something but we’ll see. Your Arthurian mythological concept I am thinking of a retelling, in which it is retelled – realistically, somewhat faithfully – handled. We’ll see. Maybe one day it will come. “ said.

Still, this is the best chance for this movie to be shot and released. a few years we will have to wait. It may also take Snyder quite a long time to find the capital needed for the production. Maybe we’ll see the movie on a platform like Netflix that doesn’t hesitate to spend money on content.

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