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World’s Fastest Internet Speeds Announced

by tenderpuls

Speedtest announced the first mobile and broadband internet speed data of the new year. While the country with the fastest mobile internet in the world changes with new data; Turkey’s world ranking was also evident in the new year.

Speedtest, the world’s most popular internet performance test service, January 2021 data shared and announced the average mobile and broadband internet speeds in the first month of the new year. Revealing mobile and broadband internet speeds on country basis SpeedtestThus, it revealed the countries with the fastest and slowest internet.

Average mobile internet speed downloads worldwide in January 2021, according to Speedtest data 46.74 Mbps, while uploading 12.49 Mbps; delay (ping) was 37ms. When we look at the average broadband internet speed worldwide, the average download speed 96.98 MbpsWe see that the upload speed is 51.28 Mbps. The average delay is 20ms.

3 of the 5 countries with the fastest mobile internet are in the Middle East

Average based on speedtest data 183.03 Mbps The United Arab Emirates, which has mobile internet download speed, ranks 1st in the world in this regard. 171.26 Mbps South Korea, with an average speed, ranks second; Qatar, the previous leader of the list, 170.65 Mbps ranks third with average mobile internet speed.

10 countries with fastest mobile internet as of January 2021, according to Speedtest

  1. United Arab Emirates – 183.03 Mbps
  2. South Korea – 171.26 Mbps
  3. Qatar – 170.65 Mbps
  4. China – 149.68 Mbps
  5. Saudi Arabia – 115.84 Mbps
  6. Norway – 107.83 Mbps
  7. Kuwait – 105.01 Mbps
  8. Australia – 104.16 Mbps
  9. Netherlands – 97.84 Mbps
  10. Canada – 94.55 Mbps

countries with the fastest internet

When we look at Speedtest’s broadband internet data, we encounter a completely different ranking from the mobile data ranking. Southeast Asian country Singapore, 247.54 Mbps is the country with the fastest broadband internet average in the world. Hong Kong, 229.45 Mbps ranks second with. 220.59 Mbps On average, Thailand is the third country with the fastest broadband internet. All of the top three countries on the list have managed to keep their places.

10 countries with fastest broadband internet as of January 2021, according to Speedtest

  1. Singapore – 247.54 Mbps
  2. Hong Kong – 229.45 Mbps
  3. Thailand – 220.59 Mbps
  4. Romania – 198.01 Mbps
  5. Denmark – 190.32 Mbps
  6. France – 188.03 Mbps
  7. Monaco – 187.88 Mbps
  8. Switzerland – 187.08 Mbps
  9. Spain – 186.06 Mbps
  10. Hungary – 185.92 Mbps

Turkey’s mobile and broadband internet speed in what situation?

The average internet speed turkey

Unfortunately, what is not possible to say that Turkey’s approach to the summit of what mobile broadband internet. Average 36.42 Mbps having mobile internet speed in Turkey, compared to 4 last month rose as though under a row of Brunei, Jamaica’s staying on the row 57th place takes place.

When we look at the average broadband internet speed, it would not be wrong to say that the situation is even worse. 30.51 Mbps The average speed of broadband internet having Turkey in January, the world ranking dropped by a step further in the Caribbean island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis with just under 103rd place took place.

Despite COVID-19, global average internet speed increased

The whole world is closed to homes due to COVID-19, Internet usage to reach the highest levels in history had caused It seems that despite the increasing density, we managed to increase the average internet speed in the past year.

In January 2020 32.03 Mbps The average mobile internet download speed has increased to 46.74 Mbps in January 2021. Similarly in January 2020 74.35 Mbps The world broadband internet download speed average has increased to 96.98 Mbps in January 2021.

Turkey’s internet rate also rose, though less than in 2020,

turkey internet speed

I can say that although not at the same rate of increase over the last year in Turkey, world average Internet speed. In January 2020 34.62 Mbps the average download speed of mobile Internet in Turkey, in January 2021 rose to 36.42 Mbps case. In January 2020 26.96 Mbps If the average broadband download speed of 30.51 Mbps elevated status in Turkey, January 2021.

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