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What Does WandaVision Actually Tell Disney +?

by tenderpuls

WandaVision, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe linked series to be aired on Disney +, continues to confuse audiences and cause many theories to emerge. So what exactly does the show tell?

One of the biggest brands in cinema now Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is no discussion on this topic. Movies that are part of this universe generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Aforementioned series When it happened, Marvel was left a little bit behind.

Netflix TV series Following its relative success, Disney, its own streaming platform Disney + announced the new Marvel series to air on. The first to come to the vision from these series WandaVision was a sitcom concept series.

ATTENTION: This post may contain spoilers for the WandaVision series. There may be references to the episode up to the last published episode and to inspired comics. Reading here after is your own choice.

Is WandaVision just a comedy show?

For a very long time sit-com type comedy The production that is promoted as is not actually a comedy series. In fact, when you look at it in general terms, you may not find it as funny as an average Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. So is the main event of the series anyway not doing comedy.

MCU In such a large and vast universe, we should not expect them to narrate an eight-part series without linking it anywhere. After all, the purpose of this construction is to be determined before the events that will take place in the universe built on a larger scale. to prepare infrastructure.

The story they chose to prepare this infrastructure, starting from the name, shows that it will be full of surprises. Pietro’s Fox being played by the actor in the universe, theories about different characters, Location in the MCU topics such as are spoken frequently.

Is it just a superhero story to be told?


When we look in general terms Marvel heroesDespite all the features they possess, they are highly human and relatable. Our walking hornbeam that can only speak three words Groot Or this is the underlying reason why we can love Tony Stark, whose every feature is repulsive when we look at it one by one.

Maybe before we come to the final section, we will examine the series once again in terms of its suitability and references to comics, but what the series really wants to tell is also very important. With WandaVision, the production team actually proceeds on a very fine line. Because there is only one thing at the heart of the story: A person. Although he has skills such as bending reality and controlling minds, the essence of this character is preserved as a human being. Wanda, problems we can all have it just lives on a larger scale.

Elisabeth Kübler Ross Many years ago, he studied how human psychology changed in irreversible situations such as incurable diagnoses or death. As a result of their work The 5 Stages of Grief He found a theory called. The progress in the series is generally based on this theory.

Stage 1: Denial


Wanda, after her events Another world in Westview dries up, literally. The first thing we see is a perfect world. Wanda and Vision live a very happy life. In the adventure that begins like an old sit-com episode, Vision’s boss asks the new couple for dinner who they are and where they came from.

At this stage, Wanda still in denial and he thinks everything is rosy and can be with Vision. He also has partial or total control over his surroundings. For this reason, in situations where he has to enter into thoughts that will conflict with his denial is being disturbed. Vision’s boss is actually one of the most fundamental questions of philosophy. “Who are we? Where did we come from? What’s our purpose?” directs questions such as the character.

Stage 2: Anger / Withdrawal

wanda and geraldine

From the second chapter the outside world We see you trying to reach Wanda. Wanda, on the other hand, is afraid that bad things will happen to her happy little world she created. That’s why his first reactions “retaking scenes“It is in the form.

Everyone around able to interfere with his mind Wanda actually voices her thoughts through the people around her throughout the production. That’s why he avoids unwanted thoughts from his mind by retaking scenes. Although this works in the first three episodes in the fourth part the end of the rope is running.

To Geraldine Speaking of his twin, Wanda, from his neighbor “He’s been killed by Ultron, right?” as soon as he heard the question his anger clearly we can see. It is the ugly fish pants made of 97% bulletproof material and Wanda’s mercy that save Geraldine.

Stage 3: Negotiation


What Wanda did throughout the series two big bargains We see. The first of these is on Halloween In his conversation with Pietro Emerges. Pietro knows more about the past than anyone else, despite not being Pietro we’ve seen on MCU before. In her conversation with Pietro, we see that Wanda is currently in control of her husband’s dead body, negotiating with her about control over her environment.

Wanda, from everyday life to everyone if he gives better He thinks he can get what he wants, too. Technically “Let me get out of that prison, I will not get involved in this again” or “If Hodja grades and pass this exam, I will promise to buy a meal for a poor man.” it doesn’t do anything different than saying.

Another bargain Located outside of Hex takes place in his conversation with people. Wanda is trying to make an agreement with the outside world so as not to touch each other. Because he wants to protect what he has with this bargain.

Stage 4: Depression


We are just transitioning to this stage in the series. In this rather challenging phase, psychological violence and the support of the environment generally play an important role. Wanda is currently at this stage Pietro’s support the same is not quite the case with her relationship with her husband.

Even so signs of depression it is possible to see it on the character right now. Difficulties in decision making, sudden and great reactions, and his constant nervousness will be discussed in the upcoming chapters. Will trigger Wanda’s depression and it will make the character even more nervous.

After this stage, what should we expect from WandaVision?

no more mutants

The fifth stage of the model is acceptance. So at some point Wanda’s to accept the past and we will see him give back their freedom to those trapped within Hex. Before, it looks like it will mess up very badly.

First of all, at some point the sequence Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of MadnessWe know that it will connect to. Probably, Wanda will play a very important role in connecting to these multiverse. Still at the end of the series Not seeing Wanda as evil evil is supposed to, in fact, it might be an overly fancy pawn in this huge game.

We’re all about the ending of the show in predictions availability has the right. Consequently, your theories will be at least as valid as mine. At the end of the series, Wanda will begin to go through all the stages he has experienced over and over again if he loses his children, as in the comics. This too with much greater mental devastation It shows that we will face.

Have twins on your own? How?


Wanda’s strengths for all time moot point has been. Because, although the potential of the character is shown as very high, it is emphasized many times that he cannot always keep the control. When we return to the world in which the character creates his own universe and is absorbed in the comics, two interesting points emerge. The first of these, House of M In the story (M Dynasty), some of Wanda’s powers were unwittingly borrowed directly from a demon.

Another remarkable point is origin of their children. In the comics, these children actually appear with pieces of Mephisto’s spirit. The series also has implicit references to this. Pietro to the kids “demon seed“Agnes says, in some beliefs to calm children Believed to have an effect on the devil squeezing lavender. At some point in the comics MephistoWanda was also mentally collapsing when he recharged the children derived from him. A similar situation can be experienced in the series.

In the first season of the series – and the only one announced for now – to the last 3 episodes we are moving towards We’ll learn more about Wanda and the world of Hex in these chapters. Wanda, who draws her strength from the mind stone, has not yet touched the souls. Also in the final episode of the series, It will destroy the internet like in the season finale of The Mandalorian It is said to be a scene. If WandaVision can meet expectations as the season finale approaches, it will have laid an important foundation for the construction of the next phase of the MCU, both on television and in the cinema.

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