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Ultra Close Photos of PS5 Processor AMD Zen 2

by tenderpuls

A photographer shared ultra-close images of the AMD Zen 2 processor that brought the PlayStation 5 to life. The shared images reveal what the game beast looks like and how this processor is cooled.

Is a popular “photographer” Fritzchens Fritz, Japan-based technology giant Sony recently released photos of the silicon processor powering the PlayStation 5. Shared image special liquid cooling reveals how the mechanized processor looks inside the PlayStation 5.

We know that PlayStation 5 has a very powerful processor. Naturally, this processor needed a serious cooling system. Sony chose to use a proprietary cooling technology to achieve this. Request shared imageshow this processor is framed and how the cooling process is achieved. understanding provides. Let’s take a look at one of those images.

This is how the PlayStation 5’s processor looks

The image Fritz shared is not limited to this either. Fritz photographs much closer versions of the image you see above, taking an x-ray. Here is another of those images;

PlayStation 5 processor

Sony preferred AMD’s Zen 2 processors on PlayStation 5. In the above image, you can see the kernel layouts of this processor. The images Fritz shared are of a kind that will impress those who are interested in such images.


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Fritzchens Fritz does not only use parts of this processor. the kind that engineers will understand he is telling. We did not want to go into these purely technical details, but if you want to find out which part is located in the processor, here You can take a look at their Twitter posts. Finally, with you, the processor allowing to cool Let’s also share how the system looks.

PlayStation 5

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