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Ministry of Finance Starts Tax Review for Software Developers

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The Ministry of Finance, which recently launched a retrospective tax review for YouTuber, has now started the same tax review for software developers. Within the scope of the last issue, software developers may encounter tax debt of 1 times their income.

In a news we shared with you last week Ministry of Treasury and Finance‘S digital content producers about it and move backward through payments made to Google Ireland’s natural persons’ bank accounts in Turkey We stated that he started a 5-year tax review. It seems that the Ministry has now launched a tax review for software developers.

Speaking to Dünya.com on the subject, Revenue Administration E. Head of Strategy Development Department, Yeni Ekonomi Danışmanlık A.Ş. Nazmi Karyağdı Founding Partner, the Ministry of Finance of Ireland-based Google Ireland, under Google Adsense has requested information on payments made to residents in Turkey and in this context Individual developers who produce games without being affiliated with a company He stated that he started a tax investigation.

“A tax penalty of 1 times the amount of the alleged missing tax is demanded”

According to the information provided by Karyağdı, the Ministry of Finance evaluates Google Adsense revenues as advertising revenue and establishes income tax liability by subjecting them to the tax review report as commercial gain. For the income in question Since the invoice is not issued, the special irregularity fine as well as services from expressing KDV is calculated on the total revenue for the benefit of Turkey Karyağdı, “Based on these, a tax loss penalty of 1 times the amount of tax claimed to be underpayed and default interest is also requested” said.

Karyağdı stated that software developers are engaged in game development, not advertising, “In order to have commercial gain, a monetary capital must be devoted to the organization. Individual and independent software development activities are developed on a computer, rather than capital. is a job based on personal and scientific knowledge and effort used the expressions. Karyağdı, which made it crazy that a very small area was leased to Google in an interface with millions of lines, “The activity here is not a commercial activity but a self-employment activity. Therefore, the earning is self-employment earnings. He spoke in the form.

“A software developer was paid 173 thousand TL tax from 168 thousand TL income.”

personal software developer

Article 65 of the Income Tax Law “Self-employment earnings” Reminding its definition, Karyağdı stated that in the 18th article, the income earned by the computer programmers and their legal heirs is exempted from Income Tax. Karyağdı noted that software activity, which is carried out continuously or incidentally, should benefit from this exception, and in taxation, a declaration should be submitted for income in excess of 600 thousand TL for 2020 and 650 thousand TL for 2021.

Karyağdı, stating that most software developers who have been subjected to tax inspections demanded the cancellation of the assessments by applying to the tax courts, in 2015 and 2017, a total of 168 thousand TL income was paid to a software developer. A tax debt of 173 thousand TL He stated that it was removed. Expressing his solution suggestions regarding the issue, Karyağdı stated that the Income Tax Circular of the Revenue Administration was published and the activities of those who develop software independently and individually should be determined to be self-employed.


Karyağdı suggested that the earnings should be subject to the provisions of exemption from royalty earnings within the scope of the 18th article of the Income Tax Law, and that a declaration will be made after deducting the expenses for those whose 2021 income exceeds 650 thousand lira; Re-evaluation of the retrospective or completed examinations by tax inspectors within the scope of the circular to be published and no action to be taken under limits he said it should.

GVK Md. Karyağdı, who also proposed an arrangement at 18, “Thus, our young people will be able to pay their taxes with peace of mind and continue to develop software comfortably.” He spoke in the form. Lastly, Karyağdı reminded that the Minister of Treasury and Finance, Lütfi Elvan, carried out practices with high social and economic sensitivity and that support technological developments, “I believe that Mr. Elvan, together with the valuable bureaucrats of our Finance a constructive and permanent solution will bring ” said.

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https://www.dunya.com/ekonomi/youtuberlardan-sonra-simd-de-yazilimcilara-da-vergi-in review-haberi-611227

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