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Best Smartphones between 2000-3000 TL (February 2021)

by tenderpuls

Smart phone market is getting more and more expensive day by day. The main reason for this is that with the development of technology, the performance of smartphones is constantly increasing. When it comes to performance, the speed of the phone comes to mind first, but phones do not only develop in this area. The cameras of the phones are also improving day by day, it can take pictures in the quality of a camera.

Of course “The best of everything!” people who say More than 10,000 TL he has to pay an amount of money. If you say “It doesn’t have to be the best, it just doesn’t make me unhappy”, you can buy many good performance phones that are affordable as you can see in this video. On our list 2000 to 3000 TL between Here are the best smartphones you can buy.

Which phones are on the list?

All of the models on our list are smartphones that are both affordable and not upset with their performance. Therefore, when these features are counted, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi brands are coming.

2000 – 3000 TL between Among the phones you can buy from Samsung Galaxy M11 and Galaxy M31 has models. Huawei stands out with its cameras P30 Lite and P40 Lite It is in our list with its models. On the Oppo side, the price / performance ratio is impressive Realme 6i and Oppo A91 We include models. In addition to these in our list TCL 10 Plus, Tecno Pova, Poco X3 NFX, General Mobile GM 20 Pro Dual and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 has.

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