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14 Sites To Transfer Files For Free

by tenderpuls

We deal with dozens of files every day, both on our computer and on our phone. Most of the time, we need to share our files with others. There are many ways we can use it in this situation. One of them is online transfer sites. In this article, we will share sites where you can transfer files for free.

Almost all of us need file transfer in our daily life. With the file transfer sites we use for this purpose, you can easily share and store your file. File transfer sites free versions usually imposes a storage limit.

A fee may be charged if the file size exceeds the limit imposed on the free version of the site. However, if the files you want to send do not exceed the desired limit, the sites we will share can be very useful. Now if you wish file transfer Let’s move on to the sites you can realize.

WeTransfer extreme simple and colorful has an interface. Using the free version Up to 2 GB you can send files. Also, the number of files you will transfer does not matter, unless you exceed the limit. So you can send as many files as you want as long as you do not exceed the 2 GB limit. You do not need to open an account for sending.

You can perform the transfer process in two simple ways. The first is to send by e-mail transfer, the second is to send by transfer link. In the e-mail option, the download link of your file is forwarded to the recipient’s e-mail. The transfer link allows you to copy the transfer link created after the file is uploaded from the site and share it from the platform you want. In the free version, you should not forget that buyers can use the link you shared your file. Within 7 days they can download. After 7 days, the download will not take place over the link.


If you want to transfer files using Filemail free version, you should not exceed 5 GB. Similar to WeTransfere, you can share your file with two different methods as e-mail or link. Generated download link 7 days active can be used. There is no file limit, but file encryption is not available in the free version. Finally any no need to create an account You can share files with Filemail.


Unlike the sites we have mentioned so far, primarily for file sharing create an account is required. Sendthisfile comes with two free account options. You can first try the free version for 15 days and take advantage of the paid features of the site. Secondly, you can choose the completely free version and enjoy more limited features.

The 15-day trial version does not contain any file size limitations, but up to 2 GB on the free plan You can transfer your existing files. When transferring files with Sendthisfile end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption uses. Thus, your files reach the recipient safely. Finally, in the free version, the limited storage time 3 days Let’s point out that it is kept with.

file dropper

File Dropper is a site where file transfer is very easy. Up to 5 GB allows you to upload files. In addition, if the file you want to forward to the recipient is not used, the link created Stored for 30 days. If you want to create 2 GB of storage space permanently, you need to register on the site.


Free version of MailBigFile Up to 2 GB can transfer your existing files. 5 files at once allowed and shared files 10 days hiding. After uploading your files, it is enough to enter your own e-mail and the e-mail of the recipient. If you want to leave a message to the recipient, there is also such an option on the site.


MediaFire is actually a cloud storage service that makes file sharing easy. In the free version 10 GB after signing up allows you to store and share files. In addition, there is no download limit, you can share and download your files with as many people as you want. Your files are kept in your account unless you delete them. Finally, we can say that the folder system makes it very easy to store.


JumboMail’s free plan Up to 2 GB allows you to transfer files. Your uploaded files for free For 7 days you can store. In addition, Jumbomail allows you to transfer up to 5 GB free of charge provided that you share and like its pages after creating an account and invite two friends.


Without registration and free of charge per transfer 4 GB you can transfer up to file size. Also after uploading your files 7 days you can download along. In addition to your files can protect with password and them secure HTTPS transfer You can transfer with. The file you want to share by e-mail or by creating a connecting link you can transfer.


The Sendspace free version is more limited than the file transfer sites we mentioned in our article. (300 MB) allows you to share files. But compared to other sites longer storage time feature may be useful for you. 30 days You can access your file from the link created during the storage period.

pcloud transfer

Without creating an account Up to 5 GB You can transfer your existing files for free. Also, pCloud Transfer is free to transfer your files. personal password also provides your protection with. So you can transfer your files in a more protected way.

send anywhere

Your files 256 bit encryption with Send Anywhere, which allows you to securely transfer with Up to 10 GB you can transfer. If you want to send without opening an account, upload your file with the “Direct” option, and after the upload is complete, a 6-digit code and a QR code you can create.

When you enter the 6-digit code in the “Receive” section on the site, your file will begin to download. To use the QR code, you need to download the Send Anywhere application to any device. If you do not choose this method, it is within the scope of creating an account. You can create a link or by mail You can share your file. It is also possible to connect your Google or Facebook account and benefit from the site.


If you create a free account 2 GB storage your DropBox account on every device You can use it for file transfer. In the DropBox application, which you can use smoothly on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS systems, all you have to do is transfer the file either by link or by mail after uploading the file. It is very useful for individual or team use.

The OneDrive cloud storage system offered by Microsoft offers you 5 GB of storage when you create a free account. After transferring your files, you can easily transfer them by creating a link. The most important reason for us to include OneDrive, which is very popular in our article. 1 TB storage for accounts created with university mail (edu mail) to offer the option. Thus, if you have large files, you can easily transfer them with your university mail.

Of course, a site that we can not mention if we do not mention in our article: Google Drive. Offering a storage service that you can use individually or with your colleagues, Google Drive allows you to transfer files from different devices (computer, phone, tablet). In Google Drive free option File transfer up to 15 GB You can do. However, although our mailbox fills this capacity most of the time, we can say that it is an ideal cloud site for small and medium file sharing.

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