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10 Tips to Make More Money with Google Adsense

by tenderpuls

Google Adsense, a very popular online advertising application by Google for people who want to earn income, earns users money on a small or large scale. Well, we have answered questions such as what is Google Adsense, what is it for, how to use it effectively, what new users should do, for our valuable followers.

Google Adsense was launched by Google exactly 18 years ago as an online advertising application. During these 18 years, it has always taken its place in the online advertising market as an application that directs incredible numbers and budgets, and has provided users with a very wide platform. Google Adsense advantages and disadvantages We transferred it for our followers.

After the tips you will apply to earn income, it is not even a job to make good profits if we do it patiently and by adapting to Google’s conditions. Making money from Google Adsense We include 10 tips that we specially prepared for our followers.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Google service that offers an online advertising application where you can run Google ads. This application, where you can earn income with a simple method of earning money, contains many tips and key methods. After applying them can generate income on a small, medium or large scale and you can contribute to your budget.

Google Adsense, where you can earn income with ads that you can give with text or images or both, prepares and helps you publish the ads according to your site content. Adsense, which also makes money on Youtube, wants pins from users to do these and as a result, it publishes ads on your site or channels.

What does Google Adsense do?

what is adsense

Google Adsense is an application that saves you money simply by advertising on your site or Youtube channel. Google Adsense, which provides an environment where you can grow your site or channel more by earning money, and where you can contribute to your budget by increasing your capacity incredibly, adds important things to users.

How to use Google Adsense effectively?

  • If you have a plan to make money on the website, choose the right domain name,
  • Choose the target audience or audiences correctly,
  • You need to be productive for your content,
  • Pay attention to the theme of your website and Adsense compatibility,
  • Ensure SEO compliance,
  • You need to choose the right ad type,
  • You should avoid ban reasons,
  • You should choose the right advertising places,
  • You need to filter your ads according to your content and strategy,
  • You need to do your earnings analysis correctly.

There are many ways to increase your earnings using Google Adsense effectively. After applying these methods patient and orderly, without breaking our strategy somehow practicing this can help you gain serious gains. While creating our strategies, it is useful to pay attention to the methods in the following article.

If you have a website monetization plan, choose the right domain name:

domain name

It is a correctly chosen domain name that is a must for those who want to make money by buying ads from Google. The domain name of your site, your target audience, the size of the audience you will attract to your site, Your place in Google rankings It is among the important factors that determine. A catchy domain name helps Google Adsense users always start 1-0 ahead.

Choose the audience or audiences you are targeting correctly:


If we use Google Adsense on a site that wants to make money from ads, this site must a site with a high number of daily visits should be. The more people visit your site, the more your earnings can increase proportionally. For this, you must correctly determine the audience your site will appeal to. For example, in Tuzla, you should set up a news site that will appeal to the whole country instead of a local news site.

You need to be productive for your content:

blog productivity

Übe a producer, It gives you more both materially and spiritually. If you are a blog owner, you should constantly add original articles to your site and convey it to the readers. In this way, the number of visitors to your site will increase more and your income will increase at this rate. Using Google Adsense in this way, you can move your site and grow.

Take care of your website’s theme and Adsense compatibility:

site theme

If we are going to use Google Adsense and we want to do it in the most accurate way, we will not apply some truths on our site. For this, you must first choose the right theme. From Google Adsense ads that are too big to disturb users, too small to be seen or irrelevant ad location choices you should avoid. To do these, you must first choose the right theme.

Ensure SEO compliance:

Google SEO

The content you will add to your site Google SEO compatiblewill be very beneficial in terms of increasing the number of visitors. Since SEO compliance is a very profound issue, you should be extremely meticulous and know the job or work with someone in that style. Google Adsense can save you a lot of money on a site with SEO compatible articles.

You need to choose the right ad type:

There are two types of ads in Google Adsense. Text or visual content ads In Google Adsense, you need to determine the right ad type for you. One of the points that you should not overlook when choosing the most suitable ad type for your site should be the structure of the content on your site.

You should avoid ban reasons:


Google Adsense dislikes some user actions at all and penalizes this severely. After you punish it, making money can be a bit difficult and tiring for you. You should avoid such actions and use your site cleanly on the basis of Google Adsense. For example, if you click on an ad you bought on your site, this situation Not ethical in terms of Google Adsense and you will be very likely to be punished. You should approach this situation with precision.

You must choose the right ad locations:

advertisement place

You should add your Google Adsense ads to the most accurate and most suitable place of the existing theme on your site. For this, it is positioned in a way that is both unobtrusive and attracts users. you must choose correctly.

You need to filter your ads based on your content and strategy:

After your Adsense application is approved, on your site or on your Youtube channel You must apply filtering to the ads you post.. You can block the URLs of sites you do not want to advertise. For example, if you are a textile site, you can block the advertisements of rival companies on your site. In this way, you will eliminate the situations that confuse users on your site.

You need to do your earnings analysis correctly:

earnings analysis

You should provide an analysis of your revenues with Google Adsense. This is because your ad increment chart will increase or decrease depending on the actions you take. by analyzing it is to let you handle the methods and measures accordingly. If you see a positive graphic, you should continue with the ads accordingly, and if you have a declining graphic, you should review your advertising policies.

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