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Websites for Keyboard Speed ​​Test

by tenderpuls

If you are wondering how fast you are while typing on the computer, websites where you can test keyboard speed are for you. With these websites, you can see your typing speed on the keyboard, do exercises, and if you work hard enough, one day you can have your own record.

Although we are confined to smartphone keyboards in today’s world, typing using the keyboard on the computer, especially being able to type quickly, is still an extremely important skill. Important skills such as typing what you hear at the same time will make your job easier in many areas of life. You can find out how fast you are while writing many keyboard speed test sites has.

Keyboard speed test Although most of the websites are in Turkish and English, you can see more than one language option on some. Through a language you just learned by testing keyboard speed You can learn the subtleties of that language and familiarize your fingers with an unfamiliar writing style. If you work hard enough, you can even make smoke on the keyboard after you type.

Keyboard speed test sites:

  • m5 Informatics
  • 10 Fast Fingers
  • Turkish Education
  • Champion Courses
  • Intersteno Turk
  • Play Keyboard
  • Live Chat
  • Typing
  • Typing Test
  • Artypist

m5 Informatics keyboard speed test on the website in Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian Via 6 different language options It is possible to test the keyboard speed. You can test yourself on the most frequently used words, favorite cities and different terms in your chosen language. You can make customizations on the site to make your test more enjoyable.

10 fast fingers

10 Fast Fingers is a website where you can test keyboard speed in dozens of different languages, especially Turkish. After selecting the language you want to test, a 1-minute basic test appears. If just testing is not enough to different writing games and text exercises you can take a look. It is possible to push your own limits with the special writing test offered by the site.

turkish training keyboard speed test

Türk Eğitim is a website where you can test keyboard speed in Turkish only. The highlight of the site is for testing. offers dozens of different texts to be. Most of the texts submitted for testing are legal texts. In this way, you will see uncommon words in daily life and improve yourself in writing the words you are not used to. It is possible to customize the test as you wish.

champion courses keyboard speed test

On the Champion Courses website both Q keyboard and F keyboard speed test You can do. The site offers two different tests, 1 minute and 10 minutes. The 10-minute test is not yet recommended for beginners, but you can prepare yourself for more difficult tests by doing a few 1-minute tests in a row. The keyboard speed test offered by the site is Turkish.


International Information Technologies and Communication Federation Turkish Group Presidency, briefly with the keyboard test on Intersteno Turk website professional level in dozens of different languages It is possible to test the keyboard speed. The site offers two different keyboard speed tests, 1 minute and 10 minutes. Especially if you are learning a new language, it is possible to increase your writing speed with the 1-minute tests here.

play keyboard

The Keyboard Çalış website stands out with its 5-minute and 3-minute keyboard speed test that you cannot find on many websites. Another striking point of the site is the you can determine the text types yourself your being. It is possible to test your keyboard speed at different levels of professionalism using texts on different topics you are interested in, such as magazine and technology.

live chat

As the name suggests, Live Chat is a website where you can test English keyboard speed. Of the site interface and testing tool are quite different. When the test starts, you will see the text progress as you type. Although it may be a disadvantage for some users, it will allow you to instantly write texts you have not seen before and discover new words in English.


You can take 1-minute, 3-minute and 5-minute English keyboard tests on the Typing website. It’s not just minute-focused on the site, page-oriented tests You can also do. When you choose a test consisting of 1, 2 or 3 pages, the system gives you the average number of minutes these pages need to be written and other details. Then the test starts and you try to complete that text within the standard time.

typing test

You can choose both the duration and the difficulty level of the tests you do on the Typing Test website according to your own level. According to the level of the tests, you can test yourself first and then you can push yourself. Moreover, you can also access many different keyboard speed test games on the site. So you can make the sometimes boring keyboard speed test much more fun.


The keyboard speed test you will do on the Artypist website does not set any time limit for you. The test starts with a very simple text and how long you write this short text is measured. It is an ideal test, especially for users who are just starting to develop fast typing skills because there is no stress factor during the test. You just write the text.

Those who want to measure fast typing skills on the computer keyboard speed test in many different languages We have listed the websites that can be done and explained the prominent features of the sites. Maybe one day we will have the chance to write with the power of thought, but until then, the fast fingers on the keyboard will still be an advantage.

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