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KFC and Burger King Shooted on Social Media

by tenderpuls

A post on KFC’s official Spain Twitter account led to a small and fun exchange between KFC and Burger King. The Burger King Spain Twitter account gave KFC a stern response by including Popeyes.

In recent years, we have witnessed that big companies, who have realized the mysterious power of social media, use this power to fight each other for fun. One of these exchanges took place on the Spanish-based social media accounts of KFC and Burger King. First, Godzilla Vs. for Burger King and McDonalds from the account of KFC, one of the most famous fast food chains in the world with its mysterious chicken recipe. A reference from the movie Kong. KFC, who replaced Burger King as Godzilla, described Kong as McDonalds. Then he chased the two with a dog holding a baseball bat.

After this share, which received more than 248 thousand likes, an equally harsh response came from Burger King. In the post from Burger King’s official Spain account, it is seen that the collar of the dog, depicted as KFC and holding a baseball bat, was held by Popeyes. Now, you might ask why Burger King put Popeyes in the business and post such a post. The reason for this is that both Burger King and Popeyes are actually joint companies. The parent company of both companies is Restaurant Brands International.

KFC Burger King challenge

Shares from social media also came after this exchange.

The Spanish restaurant named 100 Montaditos, which wants to show the position of Burger King and KFC in this meeting, also summarized the perspective of the events with a post.

KFC Burger King challenge

Of course, not all posts were limited to these. After these posts, KFC retweeted the tweet of a Twitter user named Farmarato, and funnyly expressed the situation where he dropped his competitors.

KFC Burger King challenge

While all this was happening, people who watched the battle of big companies on social media were not absent.

KFC Burger King challenge

These conflicts, which we have started to see more frequently in recent years, can also highlight the entertaining identity of the companies. Well, do you guys like this kind of controversy where rival companies come face to face on social media? Who do you think was the winner of this contest? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

KFC Burger King challenge

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