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How Much Internet Does GeForce Now Consume?

by tenderpuls

If you want to hit the bottom of the action in games with GeForce Now, which has an effect all over the world, this content is for you. Have you ever thought about what your internet consumption will be while playing games over the cloud in GeForce Now?

With the expansion of the quota-free internet usage in Turkey it is now obvious to everyone that the problem occurs in the downloaded data. For users who do not have infrastructure problems, there is no fear for GeForce Now. how much data you download per hour We have calculated it for you.

First of all, we have to mention that the image quality in GeForce Now is shaped by the internet download speed. You can think of it as if you are watching a video from Netflix or Youtube. GeForce Now how much data will you download while using it?

Factors affecting GeForce Now internet consumption

  • Server Density
  • Picture Quality of the Game

Server density

Depending on the interest that will be shown to GeForce Now game servers, there may be a delay in server reactions. For example, let’s say that the X game suddenly started to attract attention. The respective game’s servers are not in your country Germany‘in. The heavy traffic generated by players who want to connect to the Germany server can also increase your internet consumption.

You can think like this, who want to access a server located in Germany with 15 megabit internet per second Hans with 50 megabit internet owner can access the same quality Hasan living in Turkey. a game server at a time will increase the popularity in Turkey In Turkey In short, you may need to spend a little bit more connections until it opens.

Image quality of the game

GeForce Now FPS

This is the part that determines the main internet usage on GeForce Now and is the quota monster. It is stated that normally the data consumption can range from 4GB to 10GB per hour depending on the game and network settings. This is the known part and the unknown part: League of Legendsto GeForce Now You logged in via. Let’s say your average hourly data consumption is 6GB. Assuming that you are a gamer playing League of Legends 8 hours a day, you are consuming 8×6 = 48GB of data per day.

According to the calculation we made above, if we assume that you have shown such a performance for a month, you need to use 1.5 TB of internet in a month. Let’s do the same for Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077 In the standard scenario, it ends in 30 hours on average. Of course, when you want to play this game with ultra graphics, you will need to consume 10GB per hour (optimistically thought). 300 GB data consumption Cyberpunk 2077 by GeForce NowYou can finish from.

Mobile internet users may be teary-eyed right now, but in fact, the average user today has at least 50 Megabits of internet and an average 40 megabit static internet If we think that will be one of the GeForce Now really popular platforms in Turkey. What do you think about this issue?

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