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A Twitch Streamer Earns $ 16K by Sleeping on the Air

by tenderpuls
Twitch Yayıncısı Asian Andy, Yayında Uyuyarak 16 Bin Dolar Kazandı

A Twitch broadcaster named Asian Andy turned on the voice command feature on the air and made $ 16,000 overnight just by trying to sleep.

Even when your money is awake barely winnable In a world like this, people just sleeping earning money may sound very crazy, but such a trend has already begun on the live broadcast platform Twitch.

The broadcaster, nicknamed Asian Andy, who lives in Los Angeles, went to bed with the voice command feature on and the audience to disturb him as he wishes he gave permission. Andy, who was previously known for his broadcasts of this style, just tried to sleep in a single night. 16 thousand dollars won.

All Andy did during the broadcast was try to sleep

The publication Andy opened was not that different from the others. Just like in other broadcasts, the notification came and the music started playing when the donation was received. What Andy tried to do at this time was not play games or chat, but sleep soundly. The only difficulty here is ignoring the sounds generated by the audience and continuing to sleep happened.


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Asian Andy is not the first person to make money by sleeping, of course. Alex Shannon is also among the names that earn money in return for the audience by sleeping in luxury places, but earning money with large amounts of $ 16,000 was also a first for Asian Andy. Andy was earlier at the end of the broadcast He earned $ 16 an hour as an Uber driverHe stated that 16 thousand dollars is very important for him.

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