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11 videos that went viral when YouTube wasn’t around

by tenderpuls
Daha Ortalıkta YouTube Yokken Türkiye'de ve Dünyada Viral Olan 11 Video

Does anyone remember the funny and viral videos circulating around when the world’s most popular video platform, Youtube, that is, the internet world consists of gas and dust clouds?

There are older videos than YouTube that went viral when it first surfaced and now we go to laughter when we watch it. There are even such mind-blowing videos.

When you watch the videos became viral Turkey and in the world; Maybe some of you will remember (now they know), maybe you will see these contents for the first time. Let’s get started.

Mahmut Tuncer enters TRT with his donkey

Those who watch the video broadcast by TRT Archive know. My friend Donkey Watching the interpretation of Mahmut Tuncer with a donkey in TRT studios …

Porom Pom Pera, My Friend Donkey, Sinanay, Uncle Grocery and I Cut From The Mountain Timber performances are of course legendary. Rear sisters in pink dress can those who can solve it comment?

Oogachaka Baby you see in every Ankara game mood

Oogachak baby animation from the 1990s remain in Turkey funny videos ranked number one in the field. Oogachaka doll is featured on Youtube in almost every Ankara mood, novel mood or halay video.

You will not find another baby in the country that does not belong to us but is loved so much. Of course, animation is great considering the period technology.

Meet MSN’s legendary banana again: Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Nobody knows this banana, which went viral in 2002 with The Buckwheat Boyz’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time song. Flash became so popular in the animation world that almost all of us MSN expressions had entered between. You can also see this dancing banana in many videos this day.

Numa Numa Reyiz!

What should I know who doesn’t remember Numa Numa Reyiz, who ruled Dragostea Din Tei (Nectar Remix) with only her lips? Using gifs of this friend in many forums those who wrote respect + rep is it here This friend had become so popular that he was a part of the television programs of the time etc. also came out.

Internet Trolls’ Favorite: Eduard Khil

Russian singer Eduard Khil, named Mr. Trololo, was not popular with Youtube or 9Gag. He’s I Am Glad, a name that went viral in the world with his piece ‘Cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home (Trololo).

The record was broadcast on the radio, but nobody could figure out what happened. Even though Eduard Khil is known by name on Youtube, your families know him well.

Run To Your Home, Spark Up With Atari

legendary Atari ad published in Turkey. Atari, released in 1985 1010 content of lessons etc. Of course, it is debatable how much support it has. Did it go viral in our country! Did every family dream of taking Atari? Well …

Dad, can you put Eminem Without Me on the CD you made?

In Turkey, the number of people who listen to Eminem while it Bayburt population in Turkey Eminem Without Me clip was the subject of discussion. Think MTV is being criticized blazingly everywhere, does Eminem tempt the devil? Eminem is the only illumination of those times.

Ooo yea Ash! Should I meet Brock? Comedyshow

Another team that has been shooting videos since Youtube and booming with Youtube. Themselves right now It’s not funny Although they continue their content with the name, there are not many who did not watch the Pokemon and Harry Potter series of the Komedyshow team, who shot amateur videos at home and pushed the limits of their imagination.

Turkish Star ninjas, mischievous duo!

We laughed all the Türkstar with Turkey Gokhan and tatlışlık to the inside of the brothers Ergun Bayhan. It got so viral that these kids are still in the videos watched today.

Turkey’s Hyper Star ajdar!

Chiquita Banana, Carotid It is not us who forget Ajdar Anık, the author and voice of legendary songs such as. If social media were like this at that time, Ajdar Anık is now the biggest phenomenon.

I’m Christmas Day, Boy!

Grafi2000 is the legendary flash animation Uncle Christmas is the superhero of an era. The sound of the game in Counter-Strike, the sounds sent on MSN is a production that has become a big deer material on televisions. flash animation adult subject could be the first in Turkey.

Share the videos that come to your mind with us in the comments, maybe you can even enter our list.

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