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TurkNet Became the Service Providing Fastest Connection to Netflix

by tenderpuls

The freedom offered by acclaimed user experience with web TurkNet in Turkey has announced that the service provider that offers the fastest connection to Netflix. The TurkNet official also mentioned the average download speeds of users on Steam in his statement.

One of the most prominent service providers in the country with the unconditional and quota-free internet facility it offers to consumers. TurkNetoften comes to the fore with its service quality. Company, To 100 Mbps it manages to gain the appreciation of the users with its real unlimited, non-commitment and free internet experience.

TurkNet official Cem Çelebiler, who shared a post on his Twitter account during the day, shared some data on the quality of the service provided by TurkNet. TurkNet in Turkey Fastest connection to Netflix Stating that it is a service provider, Çelebiler has Average download speeds on Steam also explained.

‘The service provider offering the fastest connection first on TurkNet Netflix and the second on Steam’

Cem Çelebiler, about the subject in the statement “According to Netflix data, in the last seven months Netflix offers the fastest connection from Turkey telecom operator TurkNet! On Steam continuously increasing and updated in the last year 25.1 MBPS TurkNet again, offering the second fastest connection with an average download speed! “ used the expressions.

Expressing that they are very happy to be able to offer these connection speeds in return for the investments made, Çelebiler, for higher speeds He also underlined that they will continue to work and invest.


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So, which internet service provider do you use? Are you satisfied with the speeds you get? Your ideas comments You can share with us.

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