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Turkish Made VR Game to be Released on Steam on February 25

by tenderpuls

Steam will host a brand new VR game on February 25th. Developed by independent Turkish developers, this game named “Naau: The Lost Eye” focuses on the action-packed adventures of a character named Nauu, whose energy stone is stolen in a fictional universe.

The video game industry growing day by day, developers in our country is also interesting. In this context, we encounter a new Turkish-made game almost every day. Moreover, the promising future of these games does not escape the attention of the game world. In this news, Gamebit Studio We will talk about a VR game that is being developed by, and which you can access on Steam shortly.

The game is expected to be available on February 25 in line with the plans of the developer team, “Naau: The Lost EyeThe game, which can be played with virtual reality equipment such as Valve Index, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, promises a unique experience for players in a unique world. Full of action Appearing as a production, Naau: The Lost Eye seems to impress the actors with its graphics.

Naau: The Lost Eye, where the latest studies are now carried out by Turkish developers, Naau It focuses on the adventures of a character named. Three mysterious people have stolen an energy stone belonging to Nauu, and Nauu goes after it. Here is your goal in the game, which takes place in dozens of different places adorned with underground cities, ancient cities and unseen structures, collecting clues and solving puzzles. energy stone trying to find. However, in this process, you will be able to defeat the creatures that will come across and you external sources you need to provide through.


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Naau: The Lost Eye, which will be played with virtual reality equipment, naturally also supporting virtual reality equipment it needs a system. In this context, the company has Intel Core i7-6700K processor, 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 He states that the graphics card can play this game at high settings. If you also want to know more about this game designed by Turkish developers and add the game to your wish list, you can use the link here to access the Steam listing page of Naau: The Lost Eye.

Here’s a trailer for Nauu: The Lost Eye

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