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The Most Important Features Expected to Include in iPhone 13

by tenderpuls

A YouTube channel talked about all the features that can be found in the iPhone 13 family. The YouTube channel, which also voiced the latest claims of important leakage sources such as Max Weinbach, states that some features that have not been seen before in the 2021 iPhone 13s.

It has approximately 8.5 million subscribers “EverythingApplePro“A YouTube channel named” released a video with remarkable details about the iPhone 13 family, which is expected to be announced towards the end of the year. The video that compiles the allegations made so far, especially Max weinbach It also reveals the most recent leaks from important leaks such as.

The video in the video in question, iPhone 13 He talks about the screen features, design, camera and other details of his family. By the way; The content producer, who also made a single sentence about Apple Watch Series 7, this year, the feature of tracking blood sugar ratio may not be possible voicing. So what features will be in the iPhone 13 family according to EverythingApplePro?

Here are the important innovations said to be found in the iPhone 13 family

According to the information in the video, the iPhone 13 will show minimal design changes. Within the scope of these changes, the back of the phone, much matte surface will be turned into. The creator said that this surface will have a slightly softer surface than the iPhone 12 family, thus improving the user experience and more comfortable use expresses that it will be presented. According to the video, the source of these claims is Max Weinbach himself.


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IPhone 13 family to EverythingApplePro, used in iPad Pro “Pro Motion“Technology will have a display panel. This is in the iPhone 13 family. 120 Hz refresh rate once again reveals that it will be presented. On the other hand, users will be able to use the Always on Display screen with the iPhone 13 family. But EverythingApplePro, Always on Display Stating that the customizability of the feature is very limited and the time and charge status can be displayed continuously, YouTuber states that the notifications will be displayed as icons.

iPhone 13 concept design

According to the information obtained, the iPhone 13 family, number of cameras It will not have any innovation in the sense. However, the main camera of the upcoming iPhone family will offer much better performance in terms of ultra-wide angle and quality. In addition, this flagship phone will have support for shooting video in portrait mode, that is, the background in the videos the depth can be changed expressed.

In addition to all these features, Apple’s 2021 model flagship phones astrophotography It is stated that a mod named will be found. This mode, which will be activated automatically when the user opens the camera of the phone and lifts it to the sky, will allow much more space shots. It is also a much more advanced iPhone 13 family. MagSafe technology It is stated that it will be used and a better experience will be provided with reinforced magnets.

Here is the video that explains the features of the iPhone 13

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