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Start Pre-registration for GeForce Now Turkey

by tenderpuls

GeForce Now you can play numerous games via the cloud began pre-registration of Turkey. We explained all the details you need to know about the platform that will have servers at 3 different locations in our country.

Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform, which has been in use abroad for a while and recently started to serve in our country as a result of the partnership with Turkcell. GeForce Now Turkey Pre-registration began. GeForce Now, which has free and premium versions, will provide great convenience especially for gamers whose computers do not uninstall games that require high performance. Moreover, let us remind you that you can start playing directly without having to download the game you want to play.

You can pre-register on Gameplus.com.tr GeForce NOW will be in closed beta from February 15 to March 15. After the problems are resolved in this 1-month period, all users will begin to access this platform on March 15th. According to the statement, Nvidia GeForce Now the servers in Istanbul Turkey in the first stage, to be found in Ankara and Izmir. All players in Turkey will be included in the cloud gaming system thanks to these servers.

How to pre-register in GeForce Now?

  • Step # 1: Go to the GAME + official page from here,
  • Step # 2: Click the Sign Up / Login button on the top right,
  • Step # 3: On the page that opens, click the Register / Sign In with Quick Login button,
  • Step # 4: If you do not have a Fast Login account, open a new account and log in if there is one.

During the closed Beta tests that will start on February 15, GeForce Now will be available to a limited number of players. Therefore, even if you complete the pre-registration, you may need to wait until March 15 to log into the system. The first test in Turkey to do. After a month-long closed beta, GeForce Now will be available to everyone.

When will GeForce Now be available to all users?

geforce now assasins creed

GeForce Now, 15 March 2021 Google will begin providing services in Turkey. From this date, all players will be able to use the GeForce Now in Turkey.

What does BASIC, the free version of GeForce Now, offer?

Geforce Now Basic

The free BASIC version of GeForce Now, where you can play games via your internet without any powerful hardware, is available to every player. 1 hour session duration offers. also ray tracing technology The (RTX) feature will not be included in the free version. In addition, according to GeForce Now’s warning, users with this package can wait in a queue during peak hours due to limited capacity.

What does Premium, the paid version of GeForce Now, offer?

GeForce Now Premium

In partnership with NVIDIA and Turkcell Now the extended session time in the Premium version of the GeForce coming to Turkey to be found. Unlike players using the free version, you can enter games without waiting, while RTX technology, which shows the supported games much better than it is, can be used with the Premium package.

What are GeForce Now system and internet requirements?

GeForce Now

  • Stable internet connection with a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps
  • A device with the operating system of Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS or Chromebook.

To play games with Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform GeForce Now, you first need an internet connection with a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps. The transport of servers that can be experienced while playing in Turkey solves the ping problem.

If your internet is at a level that is not bad, all you need to do to play a game in GeForce Now is to see that the platform supports it and to have this game in contracted places. for example In your Steam library If the game you previously purchased is supported by GeForce Now, you can access this game with just one click.

Are you going to pre-register for GeForce Now? You can share your thoughts about the platform with us in the comments section.

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