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Microsoft xCloud Will Also Support Internet Browsers

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It turns out that Microsoft is designing a web version for its xCloud service. Screenshots shared by The Verge reveal that Microsoft’s cloud game streaming service can also be accessed via Chromium-based internet browsers.

US-based technology giant Microsoft in 2018, “xCloud“Announces the cloud game streaming services as naming. Google Stadia and with Turkey to the server logged NVIDIA GeForce Now announced xcloud like as a service, after a period of beta coverage will enter our lives. However, Microsoft beta process He seems to have not neglected to take an important step that needs to be taken before starting it.

Contacting resources who are aware of Microsoft’s work on the xCloud service The Verge team managed to access screenshots of the web version prepared for the xCloud service. According to The Verge, which has gained some insight into the matter, Microsoft before launching the service’s public beta web version is also available and currently testing continues for the web version of xCloud.

This is how Microsoft xCloud will look in internet browsers

Shared screenshots will show the web version of Microsoft xCloud just like Android phones and tablets will have a simple interface reveals. The web version, which offers the opportunity to link accounts for players using the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service, access to all games provides. It seems that the absence of any details in the interface that will tire the user will seriously affect the user experience.

Microsoft xCloud

The web version of Microsoft xCloud allows games directly opening via browser provides. The service, which works optimized according to the screen used, allows games to be played in full screen for all monitor sizes. However, it seems that users will not be able to experience 4K gaming using the website for now. Because it is known that Microsoft uses Xbox Series S servers for xClod. This was until the Xbox Series X servers were in use, 4K resolution it means it will not be possible.


The information so far is only available for this web version In Chromium-based browsers reveals that it can be used. However, whether the process will continue only for Chromium-based browsers in the future, or whether other internet browsers will also support this service. remains uncertain.


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Publishing the web version of Microsoft xCloud, especially iPhone and iPad will please its owners. Because Apple announced with a decision that it will not allow such services in the app store. The company said that Microsoft can only be added to the App Store if all the games in the xCloud service become an application. Web version is for users all obstacles will eliminate. We will be able to see more clearly what the service has to offer in the coming months.

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