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Foldable iPhone and All About iPhone 13

by tenderpuls

Recently, Apple’s first with foldable smartphone Many reports were shared. A recent report details this foldable iPhone model for the first time. In the published report, the device from design for the price and to your name until There are many claims.

According to the report, Apple on its first foldable phone “Galaxy Z Flip style, foldable vertically” will use a design. For this reason, there are rumors that the device may be called iPhone Flip. In addition, the device, similar to current iPhone models It is also among the claims that it will use a design language and will not deviate from its essence.

Foldable iPhone can look like this:

When the foldable iPhone is opened, it will reach the same form as today’s iPhones, and offer a smartphone experience. When the phone is turned off, users to the screen next to the camera they will be able to see the clock and notifications by looking. This small screen can have almost the same dimensions as the Apple Watch screen.

2023 in the year There were also claims about the price of the device, which was alleged to be introduced. Accordingly, the device is a number that can be considered quite competitive for the foldable smartphone industry. 1,499 dollars It can be launched from the level. However, the next generation top model iPhone 13 Considering the claims that it will be available for sale at $ 1,500, it can be said that this is highly unlikely.

Speaking of the next generation iPhone, the latest reports, this model named ‘iPhone 12s’ instead of iPhone 13 It suggests that it could be launched. IPhone 13 (12s) allegedly, this time 120 Hz will come with a refresh rate display, and on this screen ‘Always on Display’ (Always On Display) will also support the feature.

This was all we had to tell about the foldable iPhone and the 2021 iPhone 13. To reach all the details on the subject, from above our video can watch, you can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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