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Competition Authority Decides on WhatsApp

by tenderpuls

The Competition Authority made its decision in the investigation it opened against WhatsApp, which was at the center of the discussions with its new confidentiality agreement. Accordingly, WhatsApp will stop data sharing with Facebook and notify all users that Facebook is stopping new conditions involving data sharing.

With an official statement published about a month ago WhatsApp and WhatsApp’s parent company Announcing that he has started an investigation against Facebook The Competition Board has made its decision on the investigation as of today. According to the decision on Facebook, WhatsApp users of the data to users in Turkey since February 8, 2021 to stop the conditions imposed for the use for other services.

Competition Authority, as a result of the investigation “Facebook’s Turkey, WhatsApp users of the data for February 8 since 2021 Date of conditions imposed for the use for other services to stop and accept taking these circumstances accept or to inform that contains all the users on Facebook to share data to notify that they cease the new conditions until the said date stated that the decision was made.

The Competition Authority decided to stop WhatsApp from the terms of the new privacy agreement


Personal Data Protection Board Announces Requesting Information and Documents From WhatsApp

As a matter of fact WhatsAppstated that the updated confidentiality agreement was misunderstood In his statement on January 15, “We’ve heard from so many people how confused there has been about our latest update. There is a lot of misinformation that causes concern. We want to help everyone understand our principles and facts. Peoples We are putting forward the date we set for them to review and accept the terms. On February 8, nobody’s account will be suspended or deleted. “ He had already announced that he had postponed the contract.

The Competition Authority’s investigation of WhatsApp and Facebook decision in that:

“According to the prepared report and the scope of the file examined, in accordance with the fourth paragraph of Article 9 of the Law No. 4054; Turkey on Facebook, WhatsApp users data 8 February 2021 for use for other services from the date of stop the conditions it brings and to all users who accepted these conditions or did not accept the information by informing them until the aforementioned date that Facebook had stopped the new conditions including data sharing, it was unanimously decided in Ankara Administrative Courts within 60 days from the notification of the reasoned decision, with a legal remedy available. . ”

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