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Young Player Winning All FIFA 21 Matches Defeated

by tenderpuls

Andres Vejrgang, a 15-year-old Danish FIFA 21 player, lost a league match over the weekend after 535 matches. Although the series is over, there are many years ahead of the young talent.

Of FIFA 21 FUT mode It is a factor that increases the nerve coefficient for many players. When we look at the statements on social media, many players due to the momentum and the meta of the game. Fifa 21from is complaining.

15-year-old Danish actress Andres Vejrgang however, this is not a player who cares so much. The young talent had to In 535 matches He was never beaten.

First defeat months later

The game in general Weekend League Playing the mod known as the one, Vejrgang seemed like an unstoppable player. As every good thing has an end, the record series of the young game had to have an end. That end At the 536th encounter came.

The young player in the game this weekend With a clear score of 5-1 He was defeated. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the last 3 goals came in the last minutes when the young Dane, who wanted to continue his flawless streak, gave up all measures and completely considered the goal.


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Cramped fixture of the game 500 wins threshold Completing 30 matches every weekend without losing is not an easy task, although it helps to overcome it very easily. Vejrgang’s success is quite sensational.

Global tournaments await age of participation


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Danish player is currently only 15 years old And this means that he has to grow an age more to compete in the global FIFA Global Series. He is also now RBLZ esports team located within.

Vejrgang also has a serious following on social media. On Twitch 557 thousand people The number of Instagram followers of the player he follows has exceeded 321 thousand. Do you think this young actor can make the expected explosion in the future?

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