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Applications That Can Save Life One Day, If Not Every Day

by tenderpuls

Maybe not every day, but there are some apps that might one day save our whole lives. We have compiled the applications that you want to keep installed and ready on your phone in natural disasters.

After the sad earthquake events we experienced in 2020, many regions started to experience medium-scale earthquakes and floods this year, perhaps the harbinger of a larger earthquake. These earthquakes reminded us once again that we should all take precautions.

Although earthquakes are an undesirable thing, they are accepted as one of the painful realities of our country. Natural disasters Of course, there are precautions we can take against earthquakes that have happened and there is not much we can do as humanity. One of them is to build robust buildings that are resistant to earthquakes. Other than that, when natural disasters occur your communication is also very important. In addition to the fact that there are people who have difficulties in reaching their loved ones in every earthquake, it can be difficult to reach people who are trapped due to disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

To you today, maybe not today that we might need one daycan be used in natural disasters from mobile apps we will talk about. These applications, where normal calling and messaging are not available; Internet, bluetooth or using the power of other features in our phone to communicate. These applications, which may not be of much use to us in daily life, can be an important aid in communicating with the rescue team in natural disasters such as earthquakes that can happen to everyone at any time. If you are ready, let’s start our list.

Applications that can save life one day, if not every day

  • Bridgefy
  • Whistle
  • I’m safe
  • HeyTell
  • You are safe
  • Red Panic Button


Bridgefy app, essentially a messaging app, but as a link unit does not use your line or internet. Bluetooth communicating via this application, it allows you to communicate with people within 100 meters of you. When you download the application, you will create your profile on the internet, after which you can automatically communicate with other users near you without adding any person.

  • Bridgefy – Offline Messaging



Of course, we don’t always carry a whistle with us, but generally our phones are close by. In cases where you are under debris whistle If you download an application that can output, your phone will emit a high-pitched sound at the highest level. This is very important for teams to find you.

  • Emergency Whistle


I’m safe

ACUTE’I am Safe, which is an application of; It allows you to inform whether you are safe in natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. When you install the application, you must be connected to the internet to add your relatives’ phone numbers. In case of disaster, without the need for any internet, with a single button SMS to all your loved ones You can let us know that you are safe via.


HeyTell, your phone radio allows you to use it like. Thanks to this application, which works with low data usage, you can share your location with the people you want.

You are safe

Accessible via the iOS app You are safe Like AKUT’s application, the application can be used to inform the people you love collectively that you are safe.

Red Panic Button

With a single red panic button, phone numbers of the people you choose Your location information is sent as SMS or e-mail. The application, which can be added to the screen of the phone as a Widget, is an application that can be preferred not only for natural disasters, but also for threats such as violence and harassment.

  • Red Panic Button


  • Red Panic Button


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