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A YouTuber buys a giant PlayStation 5 for $ 70K

by tenderpuls

A YouTuber bought a giant PlayStation 5 to work on it for 100 hours and turn it into a unique design. The giant PS5, which comes with its giant DualSense, is working and it is possible to play games.

PlayStation 5 was finally released as one of the most exciting news of the past year and met with the game lovers who are eagerly awaiting it. Although still in many parts of the world supply shortage The number of those who have the chance to experience the PS5 is not small, and as you can imagine, this lucky segment is extremely satisfied.

We are talking about the supply shortage, queues in front of stores even in Japan, the confluence and ‘How can there be no PS5 anywhere?’ While discussing the question, a YouTuber took the dimension of the business to a whole different level and 70 thousand dollars He bought himself a giant PS5.

Imagine a giant PS5 with a length of 3 meters and a weight of 227 kg:

This PS5, which we had the chance to meet with a video published on the YouTube channel called ZHC, was bought by the channel team to ‘dress up’ with special designs. 3 meters and Weighing 227 kg The channel team made a mural of two different designs on the giant PS5.

The channel team, drawing for two different concepts on two different faces of PS5, in total to add color to this giant PS5. They spent 100 hours. The result looks very good. We are talking about a study that ultimately cost 70 thousand dollars and 100 hours.


A New Problem Appears in PS5 DualSense Causing a Crisis for Gamers

If you want a PS5 that you can play with its giant DualSense and turn it into a work of art by coloring it as you wish, It is enough to have 70 thousand dollars. No, if you say that I just watch the video, you can reach the video of ZHC below.

ZHC’s giant PlayStation 5 video:

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