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The Site Where You Can Take a World Tour Without Leaving Home

by tenderpuls

A website called Drive & Listen, which comes to our rescue during the quarantine days when we are stuck in our homes, takes a world tour without leaving home. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this application, which includes more than 40 cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, London and Miami.

In these quarantine days, when we are confined to homes, we all long to go out, take a tour around by car and get the beach air. Even some of us can’t get out of the house these days Google Earth touring Europe street by street and then in an instant In the egyptian pyramids can take. After all, the internet is a free world, and we’re just one click away from where we want it.

That’s exactly a service in the head Drive & Listen, in different parts of the world without leaving your home on quarantine days city ​​tour makes you jump. In this application, which includes many big cities in Europe, Asia, Australia and America, all you have to do is sit on your seat and sit back, because the drivers will do the rest for you.

What is Drive & Listen?

Currently in Istanbul, Antalya, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Chicago, Berlin Madrid, Mumbai, Miami and London Of more than 40 cities In this application, where you are, you watch the images of cities taken with a camera on the windshield of the car. On this website, where you will enter all the depths of an unfamiliar city from side streets to highways, if you are bored of European streets, you can To south america or China to the streets also possible to translate.

Drive & Listen, where many cities from our country are located, by updating It provides the opportunity to travel more cities and streets. Moreover, just one click while visiting all these cities, just like in the car local radio can open, the voice of people passing by and traffic you can feel almost alive.


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It can be preferred by those who are looking for something to do and those who want to expand their horizons to spend time in quarantine days. Drive & Listen to website here You can reach from the link, enter the side streets in metropolises around the world and take a city tour. We wish you an enjoyable time in advance.

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