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New Paranormal Activity Movie Directors Announced

by tenderpuls

The directors and producers of the new Paranormal Activity movie, which is normally planned to be released this March, have been announced today. Will Eubank and Christopher Landon will be in the director’s chair of the film, which the series will make from scratch.

The supernatural horror series that was a success with its 2007 debut Paranormal Activity, has appeared with 5 movies and 1 spin-off so far. Although the first and third films of the series received positive reviews from their audience, other productions of the series did not achieve the same success. Still, the series was a huge success financially.

Today, there has been an important development about Paranormal Activity 7, which will be the seventh film in the series. The director of the new movie, whose release date was announced as March 19, 2021 last year Will eubank It was announced that it would be. Eubank in the new movie where the horror movie series will come across in a renewed way Christopher landon will work with.

Jason Blum and Oren Peli will be the producers:

Alongside Will Eubank and Christopher Landon in producing the film Jason blum and the creator of the series Oren Peli will take place. also Steven Schneiderwill return to the series as a master producer. The curious release date of the new Paranormal Activity movie was determined as March 4, 2022.

Paranormal Activity series created by Oren Peli, who wrote the series and brought the first movie to the audience, family followed by a demon is taking the subject. The movie series, shot with a low budget, is among the most profitable film series ever produced. The entire series made more than thirty times the profit of the general budget.


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We do not yet know what the new movie, in which we will see the renewed version of Paranormal Activity, will tell. But we can say that the new movie will have a narrative that makes the series popular. So the images we will see are again as if they were found later. mysterious images like to be transferred.

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