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Is God of War’s Kratos a Real Mythological Character?

by tenderpuls

Kratos, whom we witnessed for quite a part of his life with the God of War series, from the most combative times to the days when he was a father trying to tame his more ferocious son, is undoubtedly a great character. So is God of War’s Kratos, inspired by Greek mythology, really present in mythology? If there is, is it Kratos, is it our Kratos? Who is Kratos in this content, we will examine it together.

Since God of War came into our lives in 2005, it has managed to become one of the ‘best’ in the game world. With its flawless story, new and exciting game dynamics offered in each game, and the visual feast it offers with its ever-evolving graphics God of Warnever upset gamers.

One of the things that made God of War so successful is undoubtedly our protagonist, who has now become a legend. Kratos. As you know, God of War has a story based on Greek mythology and therefore a question appears in mind; Was this Kratos, who challenged the gods and fought the titans, really included in Greek mythology? Actually, this question has two answers; Yes and no. If it sounds confusing, let’s take a closer look at this answer together.

Kratos of Greek mythology: Zeus’ only thug

First of all, yes. There is a character named Kratos in Greek mythology. However, we can say that this sentence is the only big common point between that Kratos and God of War’s Kratos. Because, according to sources, Kratos in Greek mythology is the exact opposite of our character who stood up to Zeus.

Born as the son of Pallas, a titan and Styx, the nymph, Kratos is a personified portrayal of ‘power’ as we know it in mythology. Already the name is Greek ‘Power‘ means.

After Zeus overthrew his father Kronos, Styx and his children became the first names to go to Zeus’ service, and Kratos, along with his brothers Nike (Victory), Bia (Violence) and Zelus (Jealousy), At the disposal of Zeus he is fighting for his ideals. According to sources, these four brothers continue to be with Zeus at all times.

Zeus and Kratos God of War

Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. At the disposal of Zeus for his ideals:

So much so that Kratos, in Greek mythology, is mostly fond of brute force and violence, stupid and Unquestionably connected to Zeus Ranks as a bandit. His biggest goal is to strengthen Zeus’ authority over all other gods.

In addition, although he is portrayed as a divine power, in mythology about Kratos there is never an expression that you are god. The fact that Kratos, in other words ‘Power’ is always with Zeus together with his brothers ‘Jealousy’, ‘Victory’ and ‘Violence’ is basically interpreted as Zeus’s desire to always hold jealousy, violence, power and victory.

God of War’s Kratos: Zeus’ archenemy

God of War Zeus vs Kratos

Yes, we learned who is the Kratos of Greek mythology and how he is. In order to better understand the differences between them, let’s take a brief look at Kratos, with whom we know and love, we go on dangerous missions together, fight the gods and slaughter the titans.

First, though late in God of War, Kratos that her father is Zeus we are learning. So unlike Real Kratos, our Kratos is not the son of a Titan and nymph, but directly the son of Zeus and a human. While Kratos character in mythology is a loyal servant of Zeus, God of War’s Kratos is a period when they get along well for profit. Zeus’ worst enemy is becoming.

God of War Kratos

After touching on this big difference, let’s take a look at other details of the story of God of War’s Kratos; Kratos in God of War A spartan commander and we are unaware of this character’s connection to Zeus earlier in the series. After Ares murdered his family after tricking him, suddenly there was a big shift in the lifeline and his way Olympus gods intersects with.

Defeat Ares and new ‘God of War‘After it happens, the color of the work changes completely, after Zeus, who we learned to be his father, did not keep his promise, Kratos was to take revenge and to get rid of the great torment in him. He is waging war against Zeus.

Is it stupid? I do not think so:

Kratos and Atreus

Until this part, we have already discussed the points where our characters differ in mythology and God of War. But there is one more remarkable point that this servant pictured in mythology. a ‘stupid’ character to be.

However, in God of War, although Kratos solves most of his work with his wrist power, he becomes a more sedate, more deep-minded and logical character as the story progresses. Of course there is no doubt, especially in the last game have a son is also effective. But ultimately, I don’t think we’d rather call God of War’s Kratos a stupid character.

So do they have nothing in common?


Actually pretty big common point available; passion for violence and power. We know how God of War’s Kratos relates to violence and strength, to brute force. Likewise, while destroying Olympos, this power and passion for violence made it easy. Likewise, in mythology, Kratos uses all this violence and power for a completely different purpose. But basically the character is the same; loves to shed blood and all problems power and brute force someone trying to solve it with.

As a result, we know that there is a character named Kratos in mythology. God of War’s Kratos some basic characteristics It is obvious that he was inspired by this character in the sense. But apart from that, we can easily say that the two characters are completely different. In fact, with the last game of God of War, the story Norse mythology The fact that he is directed and the transition here is very easy is an indication that Kratos is not directly connected with a character from Greek mythology.

God of War’s new game Ragnarok is Coming “ It was announced in a video with the phrase (Ragnarok is coming) and we look forward to it. However, unfortunately, no details about the game have come yet.

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