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How Many Colors Do You See in This Picture?

by tenderpuls

A brand new optical illusion question went viral on Twitter recently. In the visual where very similar colors were brought side by side, many different answers emerged, from those who saw only 3 colors to those who claimed to see 17 colors. Let’s take a look at what causes this difference.

Optical illusions are one of the favorite types of content in social media. Behind each of these illusion questions, which interact with people and become viral with dozens of different answers in a short time, there are actually quite scientific answers. But these scientific facts are not always aimed at one correct answer, but sometimes they explain why there are so many different answers.

A new optical illusion question that recently popped up on Twitter is a great example of this. In the post in question, there is a visual of very close color tones and our question is quite simple: ‘How many colors do you see in this picture?’

There is also one who sees 3 colors, and you see 17 colors:

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