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Changing Tires with a Circular Saw for an Ice Bike

by tenderpuls

With 10.8 million subscribers, The Q decided to get help from circular saws instead of using studded tires to ride on ice. Although The Q’s plan didn’t work in the first place, the adjustments made afterwards yielded results.

Until today, we have come across with crazy and strange ideas and projects. The Q The YouTube channel was on the agenda again with the latest video uploaded. To 10.8 million subscribers The last video uploaded to the channel that has, those who want to ride a bike on ice, but now for some reason for those who do not want to do with studded tires offered a solution.

Using the phrase “icicle” in the description of the video, The Q started its project by removing the front and rear wheels of an ordinary bike. After that, The Q, which separated the hub part of the wheels, started the attempt to produce wheels by making the necessary measurements on the bike.

Ice cycling with saw toothed tires:

The Q, which makes the wheel hub much different from the original, a metal plate He took it in his hand and started creating plans on the plate. Q will replace the wheel, carefully cutting the plate and sanding the edges he didn’t cut the big piece himself. This part was part of a large chainsaw.

The Q’s cut pieces were used to attach this large piece to the hub of the wheel. Thanks to this, the bike and the giant metal plate fit together seamlessly. Finally, replacing the balls of the wheel and the disc brake, Q finished the bike by attaching the large metal piece to the bike.

saw toothed bike


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When the bike was taken for a test drive, the result was what you expected: Instead of being able to go on ice easily it was cutting the ice like a saw. Consequently, a solution had to be found for the sharp ends of the saw. Q also found this remedy by placing a transverse metal in front of each spike.

After all the arrangements made, Q’s bike, which you can guess that it will not be efficient at all on the straight road, started to move easily on the frozen lake. The bike is probably heavier than has become one. We guess that this weight will not affect ice very well.

If you want to take a look at the video:

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