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7 Lessons Pokemon Taught Children Growing Up in the 90’s

by tenderpuls

Pokemon, which turned 25 this week, was actually a series with life lessons underlying deep meanings. In this content, we have brought together 7 life lessons Pokemon gave to children growing up in the 90s.

The anime series, which was first published in 1996 and has not lost its popularity even a moment since its release. Pokemonturned 25 this week. The series, which continues its existence in many different fields from toys to video games, movies and mobile games, has a special meaning especially for those born in the 90s.

A child who thinks himself is Pikachu jumping out of the window and Pokemon are banned in our country still keep their place in mind. However, rather than these unpleasant events, Pokemon was a life lesson with deep meanings in every part. Bride, These 7 Pokemon gave to kids of the 90’s to life lesson Let’s take a closer look.

Keep working

Pokemon is a series about challenges and that means training will always happen. She even sings in the iconic opening theme song already: “I want to be very good, like nobody else. Catching them is my real test, it’s my goal to educate them.” You see, whatever is the only way to reach the final goal to work continue is to.

Never back down


There is no other anime hero who suffered as big losses as Ash Ketchum. However, no matter how many times he was defeated, he always stood up. This too If you continue to work without giving up shows that you will reach your destination.

Aim for the top


What Ash and his friends never do is dream small dreams. Always dreams of being the best Ash, the founder, was ready to face any difficulties to reach the top. This was a clear message telling us, the audience, never to settle for less.

Be everyone’s friend


In Pokemon, we’ve seen Ash constantly meeting and befriending new Pokemon and trainers. These friendships always took Ash’s journey one step further, and as a result, made him even stronger. As seen in the series, one of the most important things in Ash’s journey is undoubtedly. friendship.

Losing is worth more than winning


Ash was not a consistently winning character. But someone who thinks it’s a bad thing, losing is the key to winning does not know. In fact, losing gives you the chance to analyze and find out what mistakes you made.

Sometimes it’s necessary to say goodbye


One of the saddest moments in the Pokemon series is when someone has to release their Pokemon for good reason, as some of these little pocket monsters belong to nature. This should be shown to children as early as possible and to give up knowing It is an important life lesson showing that it is not as bad as it seems.

Working as a team is better than being alone


Pokemon, almost entirely team of his work It was a series that came to the fore. While Ash is the main character seeking the best, each member of the team added something different to the journey. It is unknown if he could achieve all of these if he was alone.


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So, are there any life lessons you learned from Pokemon? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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