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16 Applications to Make Freelance Workers Easier

by tenderpuls

In recent years, we have compiled applications that will help those who prefer freelance work, a business model that people have started to prefer more, to work more efficiently.

As the world changes production shapes is also changing. Humanity, who moved from hunter-gatherer to farming, also developed various crafts over time. As the last link of this transformation, many people are now on freelancing drying up.

Being a freelancer, from any institution or organization to work independently tells. Actually we use in Turkish self-employment The word also meets the word freelancer at some point. Those who choose a career path in this way determine their own order. They have customers, not employers. They must be both the accountant, the boss, the employee and the organizer of the business. Some applications become true companions of freelancers, this eases the workload and allows time for them.

Can I start freelancing? How to become a freelancer?

To be a freelancer there is no prerequisite. You can get freelance jobs using any skill you have. Even in supermarkets freelancer ads you can hang. Yet the core of this business is no doubt Internet. By working remotely on the internet, you can develop software, write text, translate or use your skills in arts such as graphic design.

For those looking for jobs on a more global scale, they will be able to sell services in almost any field freelancer.comTop freelancers can enter Toptalwhere anyone can open a shop Guru and complex projects can be completed, ideal for long-term studies Upwork There are alternatives like. You can earn by writing even if you do not speak a foreign language or receive payments from abroad. content cloud, where you can evaluate all your talents bionwhere you can find customers to do daily chores armut.com There are local alternatives such as.

Especially during the pandemic period, many people generating additional income or want to make it directly into the main livelihood freelancer The best (and worst case by case) reference is usually it is the last job done. Therefore, it is also useful to know the applications that can be used to increase productivity and improve business performance.

General Applications

general applications


  • Purpose of the application: It is a half-calendar, half-notepad application for taking notes with text, sound or image.
  • Turkish language support: Yes

With Evernote, you can use it as text, video, photo or audio file can take notesWe can transfer notes between our devices and add notes that can see our work. Although the application is free, we can also get the Premium version for access from more devices and larger storage space.

Money Management

Money Management

  • Purpose of the application: To facilitate keeping accounts, to provide accounting control
  • Turkish Language Support: Yes

Although it seems a bit complicated, it is difficult to give up once you get used to it. Money Managementallows you to make all your accounts receivable, to see your income and expenses in graphs and to put them in statistics. The paid version has no ads, and your asset limit set to 10 in the free version becomes unlimited.



  • Purpose of application: To measure how efficiently you use the time and time you spend on work.
  • Turkish Language Support: No

Especially by hour If you are a contractor, you can see how much work you have done in how long, your total working time and how much you need to bill your customer depending on your hourly wage.


  • Purpose of the application: Establishing working groups, managing studies
  • Turkish Language Support: Yes

You can use it alone or with groups Trello You can create collaborative working groups, communicate with note cards and plan the flow of your projects.


  • Purpose of the application: To control the work flow, to provide division and job control
  • Turkish Language Support: Yes

Monday is an application developed for you to direct your work, whether alone or with a team. Normally difficult to create and to follow work flow charts Creating and controlling becomes much simpler with this application.



  • Purpose of Application: Improving spelling skills, checking grammar
  • Turkish Language Support: Yes

GrammarlyWarns you when you check your writing and make a spelling mistake or distort your narration. For a good freelancer write a good and accurate quote It is important for every freelancer as it is of great importance.

For Designers



  • Application Purpose: To find free stock images
  • Turkish Language Support: No

Unsplashis a common concern of many content producers. free stock image It is an application that aims to eliminate the problem of finding. Images of thousands of photographers are included in this application.


  • Application Purpose: To help design digital products
  • Turkish Language Support: No

Almost every company and More than 5 million users Almost everywhere with this application of choice digital design it is possible to make, create product prototypes and carry out studies.

For Authors


SEO Check

  • Purpose of Application: To increase the SEO compatibility of text content
  • Turkish Language Support: No

Text-based content and especially blogs in the most ideal way It is a tool that helps search engine optimization, which is necessary for it to work.

Office Docs

  • Application Purpose: To be able to use MS Office files on mobile
  • Turkish Language Support: Yes

With Office Docs, you can download files of applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. on mobile devices we can open it, edit it or create it from scratch.

Google Docs

  • Application Purpose: To be able to use office applications online
  • Turkish Language Support: Yes

Office Docs Google version With this application, which we can call, we can use applications similar to office programs.

  • Google Docs


  • Google Docs


For programmers


Code Editor

  • Application Purpose: Coding editor
  • Turkish Language Support: No

This cute application is especially small projects for ideal. Text editor for coding in more than 110 languages, when required to code It also has features to help.

CodeBoard Keyboard for Coding


  • Application Purpose: To make coding easier

  • Turkish Language Support: No / Yes

Along with this application Q on the keyboard We can access all the keys and characters much faster and much easier. In addition, missing characters are also completed.

For photographers




  • Application Purpose: Taking better pictures.
  • Turkish Language Support: No

This application simple interface owner. It’s an app that suggests smartphones deliver better results than their own photo-taking apps. Used on iOS devices.

  • iCamera – Best Selfie & Panorama Camera HD



  • Application Purpose: To make more natural photography
  • Turkish Language Support: No

With this application RAW in format We can take photos, capture the atmosphere of the shooting made with real films in digital and edit the images we shoot.



  • Application Purpose: Finding and searching images
  • Turkish Language Support: Yes

With this app but free but paid images is possible to find. Let’s also point out that these images have high resolution.

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