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12 Sites Where You Can Create Free CV (Resume)

by tenderpuls

It is very important to explain yourself well when applying for a job. You can provide this with a good CV (resume) and a letter of intent (cover letter). We will also look for free CV samples and websites that will help you with this.

Most job applications are now made online. Career sites or companies’ own sites open positions you can apply for vacant positions you want. Also to increase your chances of being hired or moving to the next stage prepare a good CV and you have to write a letter of intent that describes yourself well.

In the past, you can use the internet to prepare a resume. CV examples we were searching, downloading and editing the ones we liked. However, it is now easier and faster to pay or free There are sites that will allow you to do it. You can also find ready-made templates, designs and many other details on these sites.

What is a resume (CV)?

Perhaps the CV can be given to the subject question the simplest answer, a summary of your educational background, work experience and personal information. During the job application, you tell the companies that offer job advertisements with the CV you have prepared. Therefore CV preparation job is really important. A good CV (Resume) will also increase your chances of being hired.

How to write a resume?

There are some information you need to give while preparing a resume. In this information, you should express yourself well and especially your skills You should be clear when speaking (leadership, social personality, etc.) rather than using fancy language. also incorrect information It is also very important that you do not give. You shouldn’t write that you know something that you don’t know. This can cause problems after you are hired or during an interview.

Information that must be given in the CV:

  • Your personal information (Name, surname, contact information, military status, etc.)
  • Your educational background and information
  • Your previous work experience
  • Your skills, different knowledge (certifications, computer, Photoshop etc.)
  • Languages
  • Description (Information you want to emphasize or indicate)

What is a Letter of Intent?

What is a letter of intent, preparing a cover letter

Let’s make a brief introduction for those who have heard the definition of the letter of intent for the first time. Letter of Intent, cover letter also known as. For those who want to write a letter of intent, a little hint To give a word, the introductory paragraph is very important. A recruiter who is affected in the introductory paragraph will also read your resume in a different light.

How to write a Letter of Intent for a job application?

On a page that you have prepared separately from your resume, you need to answer questions such as which position you are applying for, the infrastructure you have for this position (education, experience), what you can add to the company and what do you expect. Although many people neglect to prepare a letter of intent, effect on job applications very big.

Websites where you can create a free CV (CV):


resumonk, job application, cv preparation, cv maker

Resumonk is one of the best free CV and cover letter creation sites you can find right now. Thanks to its easy use, you can create beautiful CVs without spending much time. 5 units you can use free CV template has. You can download these templates in PDF and Docx formats. Cover letter designs are unfortunately offered for a fee.

Visual CV:

visual cv, cv example, cv what subject

Visual CV, which does a good job of preparing professional resumes, offers its users the free version. 3 templates offers. Two of these templates are without photos and one is with photos. With its easy interface, you can download the resumes you create in PDF format only. It will be a good choice for those who are not looking for a detailed design and visuality. The site is also completely Turkish You can also use it as.


cvlogin, free cv samples

With CVlogin for Turkish entrepreneurs, you can create completely free resumes. Completely Turkish interface The site, which contains 8 resume samples, provides users with great opportunities in terms of editing. CV samples you have prepared PDF format to your computer.


resumecom, cv preparation, what is selfless

A site that stands out among its competitors in that it is completely free. Different templates and many detailed arrangement stands out with its possibility. In addition to being detailed, its interface is also very useful and easy. You can enter your information quickly and wait for your CV to be generated automatically. You can download the CV sample you have prepared in 4 different formats, mainly PDF and Docx.

Kick Resume:

CV samples

Although Kick Resume pays more attention to paid templates, there are 4 free CV sample and 1 piece cover letter sample holds. Unfortunately, there is no option to visually edit this free template. However, you can easily write your information. You can download your CV to your computer only in PDF format.

Resume Help:

resume help, cv examples, resume

Resume Help, one of the professional CV preparation sites, offers users in its free version. all possibilities offers. However, you can download only one of the resumes you have prepared. He too .txt format. For this reason, it is useful to be sure after preparing a resume.


creating a resume, letter of intent

Enhancv offers many designs and templates to its users, at least better than Resume Help when it comes to offering free features. You can use your resumes for free In pdf format you can save it to your computer. Design templates are grouped separately by industry. In the sector group where you will apply for a job, you can choose a suitable template for you.


canva cv creation, preparation

When it comes to Canva, it comes to mind to prepare images for social media. However, you can also prepare your own CV samples on the site. Moreover, Canva, among other sites creativity and design The site that gives the most opportunity in terms of. Especially to agencies, to technology companies If you are going to apply for a job, you can choose one of the most creative designs. You can download CV samples in many different formats. Canva also Turkish has the interface.

Standard Resume:

self-prepared preparation

As the name suggests, you can use the Standard Resume site if you want to prepare a simple and classic resume. Detailed design editing and template examples that you can see on other sites are not available here. So totally simple and classic You can prepare CVs.


preparing a resume

If you want to create CV designs that are not too detailed but do not want to be simple, Novoresume will help you with this. A few free CV sampleYou can edit it and make it suitable for you. Editing directly from the CV preview will also make your job a lot easier.

Cake Resume:

CV samples, job postings

Before making a resume on Cake Resume create an account is required. Then you will see some dialogue screens. After you fill in the information requested from you completely and correctly, you will be directed to the CV editing page. On site per membership account Only one CV can be downloaded. The download format is PDF.

Resume Genius:

resume genius, create cv

Finally, we explain the Resume Genius site. Contains 5-6 free CV templates will allow you to create a professional-level resume, even if it’s not what you imagined. Since the edits are made with preview, we can say that it has an easy interface. The only bad side of the site is only one download to allow.

You will be more effective in your job postings with these sites that will allow you to create professional and free resumes. You can significantly increase your chances of recruitment with the CVs we prepare after you apply for a job. Don’t forget a good CV fancy it is not, it is the clear and short one.

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