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Valorant Developer Tells about a Bug in the Game

by tenderpuls

C9 Mel, the player of the Cloud 9 Valorant team, posted a video on Twitter where he was exposed to Raze’s rocket but received no damage. The response to Mel, who asked for an explanation for this common issue in the game, came from a Valorant developer. The developer, who completely undertakes the error in the game, stated that such errors are experienced during the vision check, but there are no problems that cannot be solved.

The biggest expectation of a gamer, especially from games like FPS, the dynamic of the game that is realistic and not against the laws of physics that is. Despite being considered new, Valorant, which attracts great attention in the e-sports community, is also an unrealistic FPS game was criticized as.

C9 Mel, one of the players of the Cloud Nine team, from Raze’s rocket in Valorant not hurt a video showing shared and in a statement he made on Twitter, he asked someone to clarify this issue. A Valorant developer acknowledged the error by responding to C9 Mel and explained how such an error occurred.

The error is caused by the vision controls not working properly

Even if you haven’t played Valorant before, you can clearly see what went wrong in the video. The character named Raze is a rocket and this rocket do high damage like in real life if you wait, especially from close range. However, this is not the case in the video in question, and the rocket man Although it almost burst in your face does no damage. In the statement made on Twitter, it turns out that the event has a completely different technical side.


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Made by the developer of Valorant explanation, it was as follows:

“Yes, this is indeed a bug and we can fix it. The games are designed on the laws of physics seen in real life, but this explosion in Valorant does not reflect the real laws of physics. All explosions in the game have an outer and inner radius feature that designers can edit. Players in the inner radius are affected by the explosion with high damage, while players in the outer radius are affected less, or even no damage.

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