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The Life of Barış Akarsu Becomes a Movie

by tenderpuls

The life of the singer Barış Akarsu, who passed away in 2007 at a young age, becomes a movie. The shooting of the film, which was undertaken by Aytaç Ağdağ and whose screenplay has been completed, will start in the summer. Ağdağ says they will touch the heart and mind of the audience with the film.

Years ago there was a television program that was watched by millions of people. People said that the amateur voices of that day were singing. “Academy Turkey“They were trying to choose the best name among the participants in this program named as”. It is one of the names that the program brought to our lives “Peace StreamThe young singer succeeded in establishing a throne in the hearts of the Turkish people with both his character and his voice.

With the songs sung on the stage and his general style, Akarsu Cem Karaca and Barış MançoIt was reminiscent of. In fact, this was one of the things that made Akarsu indispensable in a short time. However, life took the young singer away from us at a very early age. 29 June 2007 young singer who had a traffic accident in history, 4 July 2007 passed away on. This brief life of Barış Akarsu, who lost his life when he was only 28, will now appear as a movie.

Shooting will start in the summer

The production of the movie that will tell the life of Barış Akarsu, Aytac Agdag undertaken by. The film, which will be made on behalf of Aytaç Medya, Fikri Harika Production and Metronom, will be presented to the audience with all sincerity, what Barış Akarsu has fit into his short life. The production team, which has completed the script work for a long time, to cast works will start.


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Shooting will start in summer producer of the film Ayraç Ağdağ made some statements on the subject. Ağdağ says that they will tell the events of life in all their nakedness in the film, and that they will create a feeling of life with this production and that they will touch both the hearts and minds of the audience. The movie Vision date is not disclosed for the time being.

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