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Over 50 Percent Discount From BluTV to Annual Subscriptions

by tenderpuls

BluTV reduces the monthly subscription fee from 22.90 TL to 9.90 TL for those who want to subscribe to the platform annually. This means that monthly subscribers who pay a total of 275 TL per year can subscribe to the platform for only 120 TL for a year.

Based on data shared by JustWatch the most popular digital broadcasting platform in Turkey the one BluTVincreased following curfew restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic watching TV series and movies has added a new one to the campaigns it has organized consecutively to use it in its favor.

Special for the weekend in December open its entire library to free access and recently Premier League, Bundesliga, NBA, Formula 1 As the publisher of the popular sports events in Turkey SE Sport and SE Sport 2 channels by subscribers can be viewed without an additional fee announcing BluTVhas now started a remarkable discount campaign.

BluTV offers over 50 percent discount to annual subscribers

According to the statements made by BluTV, as of today, users who want to subscribe to BluTV annually, monthly only 9.90 TRYThey will be able to access all content of BluTV. BluTV under normal conditions US $ 22.90 Considering that there is a monthly subscription fee, if users who are satisfied with their BluTV content receive an annual subscription savings of over 50 percent We can say that they can provide.

In total 10 thousand hours of domestic and foreign TV series and film library owned BluTV, other than that watching live TV also offers the possibility. To try BluTV here You can go to the platform’s membership page by clicking the link, and you can subscribe for 22.90 TL per month or 9.90 TL per month (118.80 TL per year).

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