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Ministry of Commerce to Supervise Products Sold on the Internet

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The Ministry of Commerce is implementing a new inspection mechanism system for products sold online. The mechanism, called the Market Surveillance and Control of Electronic Commerce Central Support System, aims to immediately stop the sale of unsafe and inappropriate products.

The Ministry of Commerce, is facing us today with a new development. According to the information obtained, within the ministry, “Market Surveillance and Control of Electronic Commerce Central Support System“will be established. This system will bring a new intervention opportunity to products sold in places such as internet, radio and television.

Ministry of Commerce’s Central Support System for Market Surveillance and Inspection of Electronic Commerce, unsafe and inappropriate products It is detected quickly, and when necessary, it is contacted with the relevant website and an access barrier can be imposed on the product in question. The main reason for the Ministry to take such a step is the increasing complaints.

The system will work on citizen notification or res’en

According to the information obtained, with the new system to be initiated by the Ministry of Commerce, every product sold with a fast From the screening process will pass. After this screening process, the Ministry will work in line with the notifications of the citizens or ex officio (automatically), and ensure that unsafe and inappropriate products are detected. The Ministry, when deemed necessary, trending products will be able to examine or initiate research.


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The system has three main partners. These Information Technologies and Communication Authority, Ministry of Commerce and sales centers. In this context, communication between these three interlocutors and other authorized institutions and organizations will be both strengthened and quick decisions will be made. Thus, the state can immediately trade products that are unsafe or inappropriate for sale. can stop. Moreover, ministry officials will be able to prove a possible crime by making secret purchases when they deem necessary.

Access restrictions can also be applied to websites


Ministry of Commerce; With e-commerce platforms for the removal of products whose sale is inappropriate or unsafe at the elbow back will be found. The Ministry of Commerce, which will allow 24 hours to remove any content notified to the platform, will also contact the Information Technologies and Communication Authority in case of failure to fulfill the obligation. As a result, for the relevant website access ban will be brought. Administrative fines will also be imposed on individuals and institutions acting against the regulation.

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