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Little Nervous Bug in Warzone Fixed

by tenderpuls

The hit mark was not displayed when you hit the enemy in Call of Duty: Warzone, fixed with a new minor update. With the update, some minor fixes were made in the game.

Published last year and one of the most popular games today Call of Duty: Warzonehas been highly criticized in recent weeks. Warzone, which was previously on the agenda with its cheaters, slightly cooled the players because of the teleporting and invisible player errors.

In the past days, a new error has appeared in Warzone that disturbs the players. Gamers who have not played the game as much as before due to big mistakes, this time disappearing hit marks he became nervous because of it. But this small bug was fixed by the developers as soon as possible.

The bug in Warzone was fixed with the new update:

Call of Duty: Warzone, like other Call of Duty games, has a hit mark that appears when players hit the enemy. Since many CoD players are used to this sign, they will To see if they hit they can rely on this sign.

However, the absence of the sign indicates whether the players hit their opponents or not. to worry can also cause. Today, Raven Software announced that they fixed the error in the game with their Twitter accounts. The minor update released for the game removed this bug as well as some minor bugs.



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With the new update weapon experience points Fixed issue where it was not delivered as intended in multiplayer mode. Also “Loadout“in the menu Some errors in the user interface It was removed from the game with this update. The update has been released for players on all platforms.

Call of Duty: Warzone came to the fore due to cheats, except for the errors that occurred. Famous names with millions of followers due to cheating He had announced that he had left. Shortly after these statements, Activison took action and banned the accounts of 60 thousand players.

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