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Google Image Searches Won’t Show Same Result

by tenderpuls

Google announced that it is making an update to make it easier for users who frequently search for images. According to the company’s statements, users will not see the same image dozens of times from now on.

The world’s most used search engine Google’s image search result sheet updated. The update, which aims to improve the user experience, prevents us from appearing the same image over and over again related to a search. blocking. Thus, users will encounter different results when they search for images from now on.

Explanations on the subject, opened to share the developments in Google Searches from the official Twitter account done. In search results to increase the variety The authorities, who said that they have done such a study, have now taken a lot more about a term. to different view they express that it can be reached.

Here is an image shared about the new era on Google

The improvement made by Google also offers a better experience for words describing multiple objects. In this context “Jaguar“Citing the word as an example, Google officials say that when a search is done, both the vehicle brand Jaguar and the predatory animal jaguar can be found more easily. Thus, users can get” correct “results for a word they are looking for. much faster somehow they will be able to reach.


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The new feature announced by Google on Twitter is seriously important for users. saving time seems to provide. Because until now, you could reach the same result dozens of times when you did a visual search for any term. With the new era, this situation has disappeared. image variety will be increased.

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