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BlackBerry Runs On Flagship Phone

by tenderpuls

BlackBerry CEO said they are working on a new smartphone. This phone, which will be in the flagship status, may have physical keys as well as 5G connectivity support. It is currently unknown when the phone will be released in the North American and European markets.

Having succeeded in connecting consumers to itself with the mobile phones it once launched on the market BlackBerry, on the other hand, could not keep up with the smart phone industry. This caused the company to disappear from the market. The company, which ended its partnership with TCL as of last year, was not expected to enter the telephone industry again. But the company CEO Peter franklin Statements made by the show that BlackBerry is working on a new smartphone.

BlackBerry announced its latest phone model within TCL in 2018. “KEY2 LECalled as “, this phone was offering a touch-tone phone experience to the users in a period when the notches and bezels were over. As a result, this device did not go well and TCL decided not to” deal “with BlackBerry any more. BlackBerry, which was looking for a new solution for itself, took the remedy. OnwardMobility He found it at a technology company named. However, as we just mentioned, the company was not expected to produce phones again. OnwardMobility still seems hopeful about BlackBerry.

BlackBerry’s upcoming phone will be pushed and 5G supported

According to the statements made by CEO Peter Franklin this year, the company flagship phone will make the announcement. Stating that this smartphone may have a physical keyboard, Franklin announced that the device will also have 5G connectivity support. Before North America with Europe Stating that they will focus on the market, BlackBerry CEO says that the phone will enter the Asian market in the coming period.


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No feature of BlackBerry’s flagship phone Unknown. However, the company offered hardware features that did not meet expectations in its products in the smartphone category it has launched to date. While the CEO’s flagship emphasis suggests a phone with more powerful hardware features may come this time, before getting excited, it’s about this phone leaks need to wait.

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