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What User Data Does YouTube Vanced Access to?

by tenderpuls

The world’s most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp Privacy PrinciplesHis decision to change has sparked a brand new discussion in the mobile app industry. After users find out which data WhatsApp and similar applications have accessed, they are hesitant to apply mobile to the devices they use. Because almost every applicationwanted enough permission to gather all important user information.

In particular, users who are part of the Android ecosystem, customized to avoid paid subscriptions. APK files they can download it. There are also mobile applications developed for the Android operating system that offer users a premium experience in applications such as YouTube. One of these applications is YouTube Vanced.

One of the biggest problems of YouTube, the world’s most popular online video sharing platform, is the ads. The platform, which has recently started to display more and more ads, has driven users who do not want to subscribe to premium subscribers to search for alternatives. This application called YouTube Vanced also serves exactly this purpose. While the user does not have to buy a premium subscription on YouTube through YouTube Vanced, which is illegal to use, ad-free he’s had an experience. However, this app has enough is it safe? Our Fobito channel has explored the answer to this question for you.

Reviews by our YouTube team are basically the app that removes ads from YouTube.Persons“,”Search“and”Telephone“It shows that it also wants access to the applications. This means that the application in question may not be innocent enough. clearest indicator. For a while, our team will continue to investigate applications that require permission other than the subject they serve, and will continue to appear with very striking videos.

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