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New Brands Will Participate Within The Company

by tenderpuls

Zynga, the mobile game company that acquired Istanbul-based Peak Games and Rollic companies, stated that new brands will be included in the company by making large-scale investments in the coming period.

Having purchased the Istanbul-based game company Peak Games for $ 1.8 billion last year, One of the largest mobile gaming companies in the USA someone becoming Zynga expands its investments and fHe wants to incorporate different companies. explained.

Used to be nobody That Zynga doesn’t even bother to open her phones. Stating that it has become one of the leading brands in the world now, the company has to increase its budget in 2020. $ 850 million worth of bonds had presented to the public.

Zynga’s number of daily users exceeded 36 million

Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau used the following statements in his statement that the company will expand its investments; “As you know, we continue our activities as an organization that has been helping small companies in this market for a long time. We will continue to move fast for better companies, better cultures and better teams. ”

Peak Games in just 1 year For 1.8 billion dollars80% of Rollic shares For 180 million dollars the company that buys, its daily active users recently increased by 77% to 36 million announced that it was out.


Zynga to unplug popular farm game FarmVille after 11 years

The company, which predicts $ 2.6 billion for 2021, some of them that they can use it for new purchases, but by taking firm steps pinpoint investments stated what they wanted to do. Including games such as Puzzle Combat, Farmville 3 and Star Wars in its annual calendar, the company small-scale games to be continued.

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